Do I owe an apology to my girlfriend because she is mad at me when I had a road rage incident with someone else, or is it ok what I did?

I did not start this thing. The guy infront of me kept brake checking me for no reason at all for like 2 miles on the highway, i did not do anything to him. So i pulled up beside him and told him what his issue was with me, he said something then i stuck up the finger at him and my girlfriend told me to let it go and be the bigger man and not get into an altercation.. i didn't listen to her and they was aggrivating me so i had enought and told him to pull over. He did not. At the red lights i pulled up beside him, he got out the car so did i. I said not so nice words to him and my girlfriend got out and told me to get back in, then the guy was saying i was a p*ssy cause my girlfriend kept telling me to go back inside. I was about to throw a punch but the green lights came on and everyone was honking so i got back inside the car.

Inside the car i told my girlfriend not to ever to that and got really mad at her. She began kind of crying cause she never saw me that mad and it bothered her cause she didn't like that side of me. This happend this morning. Should i go over to her house with flowers or something? I don't know what to do cause i'm a bit mad over that asshole driver.

Do you think my girlfriend will be happy with a restaurant? she isn't really willing to talk to me :/


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  • This happens to the best of us.
    We all do things we regret.

    This shouldn't mark the end of your relationship.
    Realistically, she's going to see you at various points in your relationship (at your best and at your worst).
    Apologize and give her flowers (like you plan to).
    Let her know you weren't so proud of your actions and you lost yourself in the moment.

    • well i mean the other guy was older and he started this whole thing first but i do need to say sorry to me girlfriend cause she was scared the whole time. I will buy her flowers and take her out. i will tell her that i acting childish over this and that she was correct in telling me to stop and leave the whole sitation

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    • thank you :)

    • No problem :)

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  • Road rage is just a bad habit to get into for a lot of reasons. The obvious one is that the guy could have a knife or a gun. Also, fighting is a criminal offense and you could get arrested. But mostly, it's just not helping anything to get in fights with people like this. Like others have said, it doesn't impress anyone, and the more I've talked to girls the more I've found that a lot of them have told me they think fighting is dumb and unattractive.

    I think people like the brake-checking guy are just looking for a reaction from others, so when you got into a fight with him you gave him exactly what he wanted. I say show you are better by refusing to play his small-minded dominance game. Don't give these lowlifes time of day.

    • I say this as someone who used to flip people the finger on the road all the time for doing the kinds of things that guy did to you. I've gotten over it now though, and I've promised myself not to get into fights with people on the road again. I refuse to play their game anymore... if they want to work themselves into a huff that's not my problem, but I won't play any more dominance games. I don't need it.

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    • I know he started it. And for the longest time I used to think it was okay to get confrontational with people like that, but then I realized that one, girls I've talked to don't think it is masculine, they think it is dumb - and two, that's exactly what these guys want. I don't want to give them what they want. I want to be better than that.

      But look how ridiculous this guy is. We have a big world of things to do and things to get good at. And this guy thinks it's cool to brake-check people... think about what kind of guy he is at almost 40 no less. His actions show he is a loser. Otherwise he would be focused on better things. The guy is the classic example of someone who needs to "get a life". Don't lower yourself to his level.

      Next time just speed past him, and if he hits you, the police and insurance will find him at fault.

    • thanks i will learn to control myself and conduct myself better in these situations

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  • Yes, apologise. You acted like a complete asshole to everyone involved here.

    Person is brake checking you? Stop following them. Slow down, or change lanes, or whatever to get away from them. You decided instead to escalate it into physical violence (nearly) which scared your girlfriend, and then full of anger vented at her which terrified her.

    Starting fights with strangers is not going to impress anyone, and will potentially land you in hospital or jail.

    • i did change lanes, he kept blocking me. i don't think i'am the one wrong here, he kept aggravating me! I didn't want to impress anyone but this guy kept doing this to me and like i couldn't take his shit anymore. i'am not a mad or bad person, when i drive i get heated. He was acting like the asshole first.

      Ok i was wrong too but he started it. i didn't want my girlfriend to come out cause if we got into a fight i didn't want her to get hurt cause she was pulling my arm to go back inside

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    • The other guy was in his late 30's so I don't know why he did that to me, i do not drive aggressive either. I guess i do need to say sorry to my girlfriend cause she never saw me that mad :/ i will buy her flowers

    • i will apologize to her tonight and even take her out and just try to control my emotions next time if something like this happens. i'll try just drive away

  • You were angry with the other driver, so you took it out on your girlfriend. Better get those flowers, dude. AAnd wear some kneepads under your pants.

    • well she got out of the car and was tugging my arm to go back in but what if we fought (by chance) and then she got hurt? I didn't want anything to happen to her

    • Cool, tell her that. If that don't do it, I don't know.

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