Feminism argument time?

so i just wanted to go over a point or two about feminism

1. women wanting equality mean they want men to be non dominant or just don't like it

2. women complaining about equality makes them a non dominant group in society

3. marriage has been destroyed by women's rights

4. women say how they are the unprivealedged class compared to men but you'll never see a pretty girl living in a refrigerator box because she failed highschool

5. feminism flasley teaches young girls that sleeping around has no negative side affects

6. (closely related to 3) as women's rights has increased long term relationships have decreased

7. interestingly feminist relationships are reported to be more stable and happier how can this be if long term relationships are failing more often as feminism grows?

8. (this one's my opinion) women doing the social norms that men do (pay for each other open doors etc.) takes men's natural born instinct away from them... men enjoy taking care of women and now days feminism says we shouldn't it sucks that femism teaches we should go against evolutionary traits that make us happy for no reason... women like being taken care (financially) of and men like taking care of them

i have plenty of info for 1-7 if you want and will be glad to discuss about it with you but it'd be nice if you looked it up yourself as a start

and just a poll because i'm curious of you guy's actual choice

  • approve of feminism
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Ok Ozanne i don't post anonymously because people can use your old posts against you... i also like the idea of whatever i say here cannot be remembered by the name and their feelings for me and brought into future arguments

by the way i've had a great discussion with you before on if gay marriage should be called marriage and you didn't have an issue with it being anon then


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  • How has marriage been destroyed by women's rights? It's certainly changed the dynamic that was common in marriages previously, but that doesn't mean marriage has been destroyed. Like with anything else, it comes with its pros and cons that pretty much equal out. I definitely like being equal with my fiance rather than having to take a subordinate role.

    I also disagree that feminism teaches girls that there are no negative effects to sleeping around. Modern society has done that to the population in general and the fact that men and women are equal mean that women aren't exempt from this. But any smart or mature person knows there are consequences, male or female.

    Number 6 might be true but that's likely because women no longer feel forced to stay in relationships that aren't working for them. I'd say that's a good thing. People still maintain long term relationships and when they do so, they're more likely to be happy/functional relationships now. And number 7 goes along for this. Relationships =/= happiness and if women were more likely to stay in relationships that were making them unhappy pre-suffrage, then this makes perfect sense.

    As for 8, equality doesn't mean men have to stop taking care of women if it makes them happy and/or satisfies their instincts. It just means now women take care of them sometimes too.

    • as soon as women gained the rights to divorce divorce rates increased from close to zero to about 4% and as time passed you can see as every single step in women's rights has increased marriage decreased

      and "modern society" is feminism the number one teachings and role models women have now days are those who promote the feminist ideology... and yes there are negative affects for men but they are FAR less than those that women experience did you know that women who only have sex with their husbands have only a 15% chance of divorce compared to 85% chance of women who have slept with 15 men

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    • sure those women may not be in the "right relationship" but the perfect relationship does not exist

    • women who divorce their husbands are much more likely to not find that perfect someone and even more likely to divorce again when it they think they do

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  • Feminism has become to radical in the sense that it is a man hating group of women that want to be equal or better than men. When in all actuality men and women will never be equals. Whether it be in the work place or in relationships or biologically. What feminist don't see is that they are pushing women away from men. I agree if a woman wants to do the same exact job as a man when she is fully qualified, passed test, has met the requirements, physically and mentally, then she should be given a shot. What feminists fail to realize is that most employers take into consideration that hiring a woman might be a risk. In that, in the event if she becomes pregnant they have to pay her baby leave. Or they risk her not returning to work to be a stay at home mom. So employers act rationally they don't just hate on women. Anyway, feminism has definitely won a lot of arguments but some of their arguments make no sense. Why is it that if a woman doesn't want to take care of a kid she's exercising her right to choice. If a man doesn't want to take care of a kid he is considered a dead beat dad. Feminists have many double standards that are never talked about. Women have more rights then they've ever had. Now though it seems feminists are just looking at things to complain about. If women really want to be are equals then I say we as men should start treating them like equals. A woman wants to pay half let her pay half. You want to open a door for a woman, fine but she should open the for for you. She want to hit you like a man then she should take a pinch like a man. She wants pee standing up let her pee standing up. Haha


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  • From now on I'll be responding to these topics from people who are not cowardly posting anonymously. If you want to know what I think of your posts, I'll be delighted to answer my thoughts at a later time when I know who you are, just in case the discussion gets out of hand on your part whereby I might need to block you. I'm up for civil discussion if you are, but really am only guaranteed my comfort on a site like this when I know I can protect myself from unwarranted cheap jabs made by someone who is unable to be blocked, knowing that what they say protects their identity on GaG. That goes for women too. If you take yourself off Anonymous, I'll answer. And anyone who chooses to comment in the future (men or women) with their usernames shown I will get my attention.

    I know it's not the "answer" you wanted in this question, but it had to be said so that you and others know that if you feel as strongly as you do to pose the question and open things up for discussion, then you should have no issue showing yourself. Feminism isn't a topic like where you stand on gay rights. Often times people hate showing their bigotry. I go public 100% of the time with controversial questions and myTakes here from whether it's abortion, gay marriage, religion, politics. Feminism should be nothing to be ashamed of if you're for it or against it. If I'm able to do this, so should you.

  • Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings. It is the belief that women should be treated equal to men. If you have a problem with that then you should be ashamed.

    • women have always ben treated as human beings

      they just haven't been treated like men

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    • i believe in egalitarianism. you are a cunty bitch who should be treated like a cunty bitch. i treat men better because they typically are better. its not sexism, its equal opportunity. women just dont take that opportunity

    • @Ghosty he also said that he "totally made this up but it's probably accurate". Meaning he has no facts. He is just an uneducated troll. Just like you, therfore both your opinions are invalid

  • Majority of what you said has nothing to do with Feminism. Humans just suck at times. How the hell does opening doors for people take anything away from men? You should open a door for anyone if they are coming in right after you.

    • #8 makes it sound like men want to baby sit women and do everything for them.

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    • That's why I have nothing to do with social media's. I seem like I live in a cave. XD

      Though there are men that treat women like shit making them feel worse and that men are the supreme rulers of everything. Which those guys are a bunch of stupid cunts.

      I honestly think it's just harder to find a good person at all. Again with all the social media and other crap. Now men and women have no idea how to make each other happy and are just paranoid.

    • i would say i think i live in a cave because i hate social media but my cave is a lot more interesting than learning about some girl's amazing breakfast... at least i have real conversations with people when i sit with them and not just about that funny youtube video

      and yeah of course there are men who are complete jackasses but those men will be around and have been around forever... feminism did not even touch these guys because they are simply bad people

      and yeah it's a lot harder to find good people out there... that's why i have been dating foreign women who have been taught how to make other people happy and not just make themselves happy

  • "7. interestingly feminist relationships are reported to be more stable and happier how can this be if long term relationships are failing more often as feminism grows?"

    Because a lot of men are failing to keep up with the times, so this causes a lot of tension. They are frustrated with the changing expectations. This causes a lot of issues when trying to have relationships with those men. They are often possessive, controlling, aggressive and disrespectful.

    Men who respect feminist values are capable of forming very secure, happy relationships with the women they love because they are good partners - respectful, caring, supportive, etc. Relationships work best when they are between two partners who see one another as equals and who support one another's endeavours, and don't try to control one another.

    • the typical argument... it's men's fault

      have i not tried to prove that it is NOT men's fault? and infact it's women's?

      you say men who are feminist will make the relationship stable but long terms relationships are dying now days marriage is collapsing completely... there are tons of studies i could go over that state how women with careers have worse marriages and more likely to divorce

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    • "have i not tried to prove that it is NOT men's fault? and infact it's women's?"

      ... tried and failed.

      It's not all men's fault - all the men in my life are pretty dang wonderful (brothers, boyfriend, best friends, cousins, father...) I'm just saying, the reason the relationships have seen more strain since feminism gained traction is due to peoples' failure to keep up with the times and changing expectations. Women used to have no real choice other than to be content with being second-class and treated as possessions. We now have a choice and the overwhelming majority of us prefer to be treated with dignity and respect, and to have careers and meaning in our lives outside of serving a husband. Men who can't accept that or who try to force women into antiquated roles they do not want will find that their relationships continuously fail. Men who respect women and support their choices, however, will have much happier, more fulfilling relationships with them.

    • you saying it's because men have not kept up with the times is not supported by a single fact you literally made that up from thin air

      also with feminist and equal marriage argument... again this is false marriage is collapsing and the decline of marriage is directly linked to women's rights also the modern woman sleeps with multiple men in her life and this also is a teaching of women's equality and as a result women who sleep around are FAR more likely to divorce

  • Don't put up such bold claims and then ask the reader to do your homework, you're so lazy!

    • if i put down all the info for each point then i could never fit it all there... but if you have a counter argument to any of these i'll be glad to fill in the info

      i just want people to actually know what they are talking about before they try to say something

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    • ask a dam question and i'll give you the info woman

    • You're the one asking questions, not me. You're the one making claims. Not me. Perhaps you should just write a myTake because you aren't asking questions are you, you're making statements with no facts to back then up.

  • Don't you people ever get tired of looking so fucking stupid to everyone around you lol

    • nope! because no one else uses logical factual arguments

      someone does that and i'm all ears

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    • infact i think your only points were

      1. i'm dumb
      2. your facts are wrong because you have an opinion

    • ohhhh my god hahahahaha you are terrible at this you know that right?

      i'm gonna stop this nonsense

  • Lol that awkward moment when you click B thinking you meant disapproving of YOUR theory 😐😂

    • it's not a theory i just wanted to discuss it a bit and improve my view on it :p

  • Stopped reading at #3

    • marriage has actually steadily decreased in numbers with the increase of women's rights there are clear correlations to this

      as well as divorce rates rising as women's rights increased

      it isn't really my opinion hun

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    • @GirlsLie sometimes you gotta let sleeping dogs lie. 😆 there are plenty of guys on the internet like this. Just be glad you dont have to deal with them outside.

    • by the way i know this is random but if either of you ever get the chance to buy chocolate covered raspberries DO IT

  • ok but the reason marriages and long term relationships no longer exist is because mostly everyone is encouraged and desires to be a free spirit whore. "dont settle down to fast" "ball and chain" its just about living life to the fullest, lease the car, lease the sex partner, need a new phone this one is boring now. "what do i want" is he/she giving me what i want and deserve? me, me, me.

    • yeah agreed the modern mentality is one of complete selfishness... which is very embodied in feminism... feminist HATE the thought of a woman living to take care of her husband and family

      and yes that's why modern relationships don't last it's due to everyone's mentality... but the truth is women are mostly in charge of how relationships go as women's emotions rule relationships

  • I hate when women sit around complaining but do nothing to change anything. After med school I'll make more money than a lot of men. I'll make more than ny finace, shit. Just don't 'be a statistic' you know?

    • ahahahah so true man

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    • Actually, no. Now I'm pissed off. How much of a man are you? You wouldn't love and respect your wife enough to stay home and take care of the child she gave you until it was old enough for school while she worked everyday to take care of your family? What's your definition of a man?

    • well sorry i insulted you but i am telling you actual studies and facts that is all... maybe look it up yourself sometime

      also me thinking they would not be a man is my OPINION my idea is that you are still a boy if someone takes care of you

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  • Although one can't deny the nuclear family and traditional relationships have fallen with the rise of feminism, you can't just point the finger solely at feminists/ women. If men didn't have shitty reactions to women attaining rights (like feeling intimidated and what not) then things perhaps could have turned out better.

    • well i haven't felt intimidated by a woman since i was in middle school... crazy aggressive women amuse me not scare me

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    • Yes but at least women have a choice now. Used to be that if a lady was married with the typicall wife beating Bill then she was stuck. No way out of it. Now they have the freedom to divorce but they have taken it too far and made it so that they could screw over a decent guy with all of the consiquences of ending the union.

    • my point is the with the ability to divorce women divorce more and are much less happier in their marriage

  • 1. No. It means they want to be equal to men.

    2. And your point is?

    3. No it hasn't. Women can just choose who they wanna marry now.

    4. You see them all the time.

    5. Guys have been taught this since much longer than feminism has existed. It doesn't falsely teach them anything because it's true as long as they're being safe.

    6. That's not a bad thing.

    7. Maybe because feminists pick the right partners for themselves?

    8. None of what you mentioned are evolutionary traits, They are social norms that men were forced to follow. Now everyone is forced to follow them.

    • 1. yes and the fact they want to be equal means they want men to be weaker... there is no way around that

      2. if they stop complaining and go actually work their ass off like men then they'd be a dominant group

      3. yes it has... there are direct links to divorce rates increasing with every step of women's rights

      4. that's absolute bullshit there is no such thing as a beautiful homeless girl

      5. men are much less afected by promiscuity women are not like that they are not "safe" there are many many negative side effects last time i counted there were 7

      6. why?

      7. possibly i'm not going to opinionate the facts tho... my point was even if they are "happier" they don't last as long which i find contradictory... also this study was bias to start with as everyone who did the study was a feminist

      8. everything is a evolutionary trait we were not forced to follow them we were taught to take care of women because they were physically vulnerable

    • 1. Weaker than they currently are? Yes. Weaker than them? No. Go check up the definition of equality.

      2. Yes, and they have. A lot of women just don't get the jobs they want though.

      3. Yes there are, but that hasn't destroyed anything. The fact that women have the right to divorce is a good thing. No one has to stay with someone if they don't want to.

      4. Oh I've seen many. You just live under a rock.

      5. Men are only less affected by it because people don't bash them for it as much. Women now are less affected by it since it's more acceptable now. You have feminism to thank for that.

      6. The same as the third one. You don't have to stay with anyone if you don't want to. Even if you choose to die alone, it's entirely your choice.

      7. Maybe. It's none of your business either way, as long as they're happy.

      8. Nope. All of them were created by society.

      You say feminism is a bad thing, but all your points talk about how it has made our society better. Make up your mind already.

  • How does sweeping generalizations help at all? Have you ever seen a super model looking guy living in a refrigerator box? Pretty people have been homeless and they turn to drugs and they physically don't look attractive anymore. And if you seriously can't feel like a man without holding open doors or paying that's your problem no one else's. Any jackass physically capable can open the door for someone that doesn't make you a man. Yes women do initiate the majority of divorces. But the majority of marriages are proposed by men so just go after that 1/3 of women that don't see marriage as something frivolous. And come on, at least use the spell check. There's red lines under the word that even tell you it's wrong...

    • yeah actual there are super model looking men that are homeless... there was a pretty famous one in the news just awhile back too

      and maybe you're true about homeless and drugs fucking them up... but there are far less homeless men than women

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    • also my computer auto corrects for me so sorry about that

    • i also don't give a dam about spelling if you understand my message it's a win for me

  • Honestly I'd rather have a rabid feminist rant than this poorly-spelled garbage.

    And where is the question?

    • engineers aren't paid to spell haha

      and i dunno i just wanted to ramble

    • Fair enough. I have more respect for engineers than people like me whose only skill is spelling.

      And fair enough again :)

  • Where have you gotten all these facts from? Playboy. com or madeupbullshit. com

    I think you really don't understand what feminism is. It's about women deserving the same opportunities as men and not to be discrimated against because they are female. It's not about women trying to rule the word.

    If you believe women deserve equal rights. Then if your male or female you are a feminist.

    • i got these facts from reading a shit ton of studies then actually remembering them... i love articles and i read them profusely

      also i believe in their equal rights... my belief is that they should stop complaining. if women want to be men then they should work their asses off and actually gain political and economic power

    • You read studies. Studies by who, Adolf Hitler?

      Reading all your comments on here you sound like an uneducated bigot.

  • Oh God, fuck this whole tumblr feminist movement.
    Seriously, there are inequalities in life for both men and women. The term feminism has been totally corrupted by today's generation and is now just a name that silly little girls who want to be part of a cause give themselves.
    Emily Davison was a real feminist who was actually willing to lay down her life for a good cause that led to advancement of society as we know it.
    Who have we got now? Anita Sarkeesian; some salty bitch who despises men and makes the most unreasonable arguments imaginable.

    The term feminism really needs to die.

  • I believe in egalitarism and I neither support feminism or the anti feminists

  • If anyone is being crazy about a cause I avoid them. But I don't necessarily despise feminism I just believe in egalitarianism or as many know it... equality of the sexes

  • I've said it before, and I will say it again there is a biological urge for men to protect women. Feminism rejects this urge. I think it's time for a my take, thank you.

  • I am all for equality, but I don't like it when they try and tell me how to sit or try and get me to sit to pee

    • i'm for equality but if women want to be considered the same then they have to prove it

      women sitting around complaining about equality means they are not equal

  • You are dumb if you don't like feminists. If your mother is wealthy, what do you think that will make you? Hail to feminists. I'm putting a female in the presidency whether you like it or not.

  • feminism shouldn't have fem in the name that basically means for females