Im so upset, should I blame myself?

I'll try to sum it up. Yesterday, I went to a friend's house. She'd threw a little party with close friends. There were vodka and beer. Some of the girls drank it, I drank a mini glass but I wasn't comfortable with that, so I put water inside my cup and pretend it was vodka so they wouldn't offer me alcohol. The girls were getting very crazy, and me and my friend who was also drinking water tried to help them to get better. We threw all the alcohol away and gave them chocolate and water. The thing is that one of my friend's mom found out about everything. Her daughter was the one who drank the most, and she had to go to the hospital for that!! I wasn't there anymore when her mother came in, but I had friends there with her (they weren't drunk). Also, my mom thinks it was a birthday party and nothing else. I've been crying all day because I'm afraid my mom is gonna find out, but I wasn't even drinking!! My friend is not at the hospital anymore, she's fine but her mother is freaking disappointed with her. Will my mom find out? Would she be mad at me? I'm so freaking scared, even though I don't think she's going to know about it.


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  • Why don't you tell your mom everything
    I mean everything (u'll win her trust and then only will she not only be able to but will be more than willing to protect you) :)


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  • LOL well if you don't end up in jail then everything is fine.. hahahha