Why did 1998 Superman Lives movie never happen?

Back in the day Tim Burton was going to direct a superman flick... Superman Lives, which starred Nicholas Cage as the man if steel. The story was supposed to revolved around the death of superman at the hands of doomsday. The script saw numerous rewrites and they went as far as makeup/costume tests with Nick Cage, why did the movie get scrapped, I mean I for one would not have seen it cause that costume Cage wore was horrible.


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  • if it didn't happen in 1998 then i doubt it'll happen now after 17 years... so it might've been forgotten already

    • Oh it won't happen I know that seeing as they released Man Of Steel few years back. I just wanted to know why it was axed... prior to 98 when the movie was a possibility it was put on the back burner to focus on the TV show The New Adventures of Lois and Clark.

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    • The movie will not be made... not with Tim Burton behind the helm anyways... it'll just sit in a vault unil they need it but it will definitely see rewrites and recasting

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  • seems good. they should release it now.

    man of steel stank and superman returns was good.

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