Best hitchcock film?

hi.. if you have an interest in films pre 1975 please list your favourite hitchcock film

personally my favs are Vertigo, Rope and perhaps oddly Lifeboat


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  • I think I enjoyed The Birds most, though it was a bit of a let-down at the end.

    • agreed, the ending is a cop out really...

    • I think I love it because I like being able to complain about the ending :P Seeing your favourites, I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Lifeboat too :)

    • purely because its genius managing to pull a film off in one location ( a small lifeboat) and Tallulah Bankhead is sassy throughout

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  • Strangers On A Train is probably my favorite
    north by northwest is great so is rear window. And of course Psycho is excellent.


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  • Hmm I have only watched Psycho and Rear window until now.

    I guess I'll go with Rear window, but tbh I liked more his show with short stories

  • Vertigo, Jimmy Stewart amazing, and Kim Novak in her debut was smoking hot, classic cinematography. Studied this film for months in college film class. Still love it today.

    • will you slap me if i mention Novak... debut for Hitchcock yes, films no.. eg five against the house, Picnic, Jeanne Eagels, lots before Vertigo. Rather sadly I think I have seen them all... bit of a 50's film freak me.

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