Does your family mean it when they compliment you?

So I'm spending my summer at my grandparents and my aunt is here too. And my aunt and my grandmother keep telling me they think I'm beautiful. I look exactly like my grandmother when she was young so maybe that's why. Is it because they have to tell me that because I'm their family? When your family says stuff like that to you is it because they have to?

By by the way, I'm not insecure. I'm just curious.


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  • Compliments from family members (immediate family members, especially) are probably a little biased. The more you see and interact with someone, the more normal/attractive-looking they are to you.

    While biased, family members can also be VERY honest about appearance, especially the ones you don't see often because looks are the very first thing they take in and notice. I remember when my brother gained some weight during his freshman year of college, and my grandpa gave him crap for it when we visited.

    I'm sure your aunt and grandmother are being sincere when they call you beautiful.

  • They usually mean it. Especially, my father.

    • But aren't parents basically programmed to think that?

    • I don't know if programmed, but when I really want to know, they are honest with me.

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