What do you guys make of this?

A long time ago I joined an online dating site, but after awhile decided I'm too nervous to meet people offline, so I avoided it. I met someone at work who showed me a lot of interest (He went beyond the occassional your pretty etc, but told me about dreams about kissing me and such) He was always caring, and supportive. And I liked him.
We became friends on facebook last year. And we play games on facebook together. I logged into my online dating site profile today because my email said I had new visitors. I logged on and it was him. I was shocked to see him there, I thought he might be on dating sites, because I am, mine was from a long time ago. But what shocked me is that he happened to browse my profile. I don't get how he found me. And it looks like he just recently joined as well.

Anyways I sent a message asking if it was the same person and of course it was.

I wrote: Didn't mean to bug ya, but you showed up on recent visitors lol. How'd you find me on here?
He responded: Well, when I saw you on here, I was surprised, stunned, and I did not want to say anything to you about it.

Why is he surprised and stunned that I'm on here? if he's on there as well. I was more surprised that he found me on here than him being on here. I'm still puzzled on how the heck he found me lol.

Then he wrote: It is funny that my match with you is 91 percent, is that good or bad?
I wrote: I was thinking the samething. It could be good... or bad.. What do you think?
He wrote: I find it interesting!

I'm a little confused on this whole thing lol.

Let this question. I posted in wrong section.


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  • do u use yer full name in this dating site? if yes maybe he searched about u... otherwise i dunno... it's really creepy if u think bout it. unless if yer profile popped up in his "matches"... but still it's strange since u say u don't use this profile anymore


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