Let's say you found a genie lamp and a genie appeared and granted you 3 wishes plus 2 extra only if you let him give you 2 things. Let's say you?

Agreed. The genie gave you cluster headaches for the rest of your life that are irreversable and can't be treated whatsoever He also gave you phobophobia. They're both irreversable and you can't wish them away. The headaches and the phobia don't start until 1 after you used you wishes. What would you do? What would you wish for?


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  • 3 wishes, who needs the other two?

    • Doesn't work that way.

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    • The plus denotes they are separate

    • No they're extra to get the wishes period.

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  • First wish would be to get rid of cluster headaches and never get them again. Second wish would be to get rid of the phobia shit. Third wish would be immortality. In other words never get sick or die (unless killed) and forever remain the age I am now.

    • I already said those things can't be reversed and can't be wished away

    • Then I'd wish to always have the best care to combat them both. Also don't I get two more wishes? I still wish for immortality and then I wish to be the richest man in the world. I'd buy a swat team, secret service, and a fort to protect me. Along with some bombs. Not atomic though. I don't want to have to put up with the shit the USA would give me. I would also shit on all the other rich people, because I can't stand them.

    • As long as you took the cluster headaches and phobia, then its A okay.

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  • Can I wish like this?
    1. Wish to be immune to headaches
    2. Wish to be courageous of anything
    3. Wish for a strong and right will.


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  • I would wish for my life form to be transported into someone else, I would ok longer suffer from headaches and I'll get over my fear of fear

    • Can't wish the pain or phobia away.

    • I'm not wishing it away, I'm jut getting rid of my body and I'll get over the phobia myself