Why do people (particularly Americans) want laws to follow their religion?

Not everyone follows the same religion, so why should an entire country's laws follow one specific religion? That's not fair on anyone outside that ideology.

Why try to enforce your religion on others? That's exactly what terrorists are doing now, though granted, through much more violent means.


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  • what are you talking about where does this occur in america?

    the US was one of the very first nations to completely separate church and state

    • Looking at everyone raging about gay marriage and abortion is kind of a dead giveaway. I'm not saying the laws are currently involving religion, but so many people want them changed based on religion.

    • not sure how the US allowing abortion and gay marriage is listening to religious people tho?

      but religion is a major factor in everybody's beliefs it should be accounted for if you are making a law about a belief

    • No, people are trying to do things like outlaw abortion, based on their beliefs.

      Laws aren't about religious beliefs. They're about having a functional society without infringing on people's rights.

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  • Do you have an example?


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  • Says who? if anything, there has been a quasi-Cultural Revolution away from and AGAINST Judeo Christian norms. The people you are railing about have been on the defensive for at least 4 decades now.

  • That's the entire purpose of the first amendment, so this cannot happen.

    • But that's not stopping people trying to outlaw abortion based on their religious beliefs. Or trying to prevent people having equal marriage rights.

      I'm asking why people think it's ok to try to enforce their religion on others.

    • Because there are a lot of people that believe that, by them doing so, they are preventing the moral decay of society, as they see it. However, it's not okay for them to do so by trying to pass legislation to do it. Legally, marriage was defined one way and, through legal action, it's been legally defined another way. Lots of people didn't want it because it went against their beliefs and they didn't want the other side to force their views on them. However, by doing so, they act as hypocrites. I, honestly, don't really agree with homosexuality or abortions. However, I don't believe it's right to legally require people to believe what I do and adhere to it. That's not right. And, legally, anyone wishing to do so can't unless enough people want the law changed one way or the other.

  • Some people do and others don't, I for one do not like that idea of religion following the law again.

    To many people have died and still are dieing


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