Logically speaking is there any legit reason (that isn't "facts" pulled right out of someone's anus) to be against homosexual behavior?

Two consenting people doing whatever they want that doesn't harm anyone or anything?


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  • For some reason, guys feel threatened or some other stupid shit to be against it. I've noted they bring up nature a LOT, but hey we humans created global warming and that's against nature as well so fuck off.

    Anyway, there's really no reasonable reason besides infantile statements about nature and reproduction. Like we need any more babies, already got an overpopulation issue. If anything, homosexuals help SOLVE that problem. You won't see a gay guy nutting in 20 chicks yrly just because, or a lesbian getting pregnant from unprotected sex, would you? Nope. We actually have to plan ahead, save money, and think about children. Straight couples just pop em out and you're done.

    I don't see anything wrong with two guys making out, two women making out, or a male and female making out in public. I DO have an issue with doing it in front of kids. Come on, let them be innocent longer people. No getting it in on in front of the kiddos.

  • they are traitors to nature in that species have an inate want and need to reproduce for the betterment of the species and they however chose one of the only options that you can't do that but pretend to be just like the ones that can. i know humans dont NEED to reproduce considering there's 7billion of us but its just like emotions you can't really control that feeling you can supress it you can try and stop it but you can never really get rid of it it will come. tell me you dont get an uncomfortable feeling in your gut when you see to big macho dudes making out right infront of you or instinctively look away.