Why don't Christians realize they hold no rights to defining what marriage is?

Am I one of the only living beings on this planet that can look at history and realize marriage actually PREDATES Christianity by hundreds of years?


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  • You do realize that the Bible defines marriage right? So Christians are defining what God has said marriage is.

    • Yeah but the problem is they try to take their interpretation of marriage and say this is the ONLY way marriage is, like every culture and every religion hasn't had a definition of marriage before and after religion came into place.

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    • I'm not even starting on separation of church and state.

    • Should you choose to research there is plenty of evidence for creationism. Regardless I am not going to debate evolution vs creation or separation of church and state or faith. You wanted an anewer and I gave it.

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  • I agree it does but in almost all of the time you are in reference to it was between man and woman , all the changes to modify marriage to suit others doesn't predate anything. so being you CHOSE to make this a religious topic , Eve wasn't only created for Adam but was created from his rib ( believe what makes you happy, this is my choosing based on KJV) NOW name me one man that was created from another man and don't spout off their off spring

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