Why do I keep sinning?

Ok so I have a sin that I want to quit but I just can't. I might some days but I fall right back in to it the next day. When I pray I just feel as though He has turned his back on me, how could he forgive me so many times? How come I can't abstain from this sin even though I want to. Any help ( preferably scripture) would be greatly appreciated.


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  • When you really want forgiveness and ask for it, you have to believe that you are forgiven and then work to be better. Don't take advantage of forgiveness.


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  • Because you believe in bronze-age bs that has no scientific proof that any of it is even fact.

    • The fact that you felt the need to come in to a question obviously aimed at Christians and denounce my religion says more about you and the majority of atheists then anything else.

      I also can't seem to find a point in what you said. It wasn't trying to convert me because it didn't have any, for lack of a better term, want in it. So that leaves me to conclude that the only reason you posted this "opinion" is to be a rude, crude, and social unacceptable person.

      ( it's funny because you atheists think you're all geniuses yet you fail to understand the meaning of the word faith)

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    • well he ask for an opinion to a particular question and you have not come close to touching on it MrZylister. so in my opinion the only BS is your badgering the Asker

    • Exactly. The only reason you commented was to be rude. Frankly, I feel you give a bad name to most other atheists and that your lack of morals, social skills, and all around intelligence when it comes to engaging with others in simple situations leads you to be very antagonistic and socially unacceptable.

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  • I love masturbating what's so bad about that, sure it makes God cry but why is he being a pervert and watching you do it

    • Making yourself feel pleasure is something an all-loving God would hate

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