Facial piercing question: Which one?

Well it's about that time again where I stick my face but consult you guys first before doing it. I think I messed up by not making my username "PierceBrahsnon", but whatever.

Choose Left or Right. I tried to draw my facial features as best as possible at 12:00PM and in paint, so bear with me.

Facial piercing question: Which one?

  • Cheek Dermal (LEFT)
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  • Bridge Piercing (RIGHT)
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  • just so you know if you get your bridge pierced it can make you go cock eyed xD
    i'd go for dermal but be careful, i got my chest dermal ripped out super easy and it hurt like hell

    • That sounds like an old wive's tale, but in regards to facial harmony I feel like maybe the dermal + a brow piercing would help stray away from the straight line look. Hmm...

      I guess fighting is out of the question with one in, lol. How long did you have your chest dermal done?

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    • Ouch, that sucks. I've caused slight tears in piercings before, so I can only imagine what a dermal being ripped out feels like. Do you ever think about getting it again?

    • Yea i plan on getting it again. The scar looks like a pimple with no head/:

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  • Does it has to be between those 2?

    • Yeah cause I plan on getting my eyebrow done if I get the dermal and I can't really think of summat else to get other than bridge or dermal+eyebrow.

      You have something in mind, yeah?

    • Ok then I pick the cheek dermal. Not sure how angel bites look on guys. Though that's the one I have. :D

      The ones I think look pretty cool are like anti-eyebrow, labret, snake bites, spider bites, shark bites, and eyebrow.

    • Yeah I'm trying to stay away from any more lip piercings. I've got my labret done, and not only do I feel like any more would be too overpowering on my face, but also I am MO not going through the lip swelling stage every again in my life.

      I like angel bites on girls; Angel bites are cute on girls.

  • i don't like piercing..


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