Nordstrom Rack Group Interview! Advice need from former/current employees?

Well, I applied a few days ago and just got an email about a group interview. I'm not intimidated because I am pretty talkative. However, I have no work experience except from being a construction worker :/ I will definitely dress nice as well as be nice. Have you ever been part of a group interview? What was it like? Did you get job? If not, what did the others do to set themselves apart? If you did, what did you do to set yourself apart? Whats the atmosphere like? Do they ask one question and throw it to the dogs (make us compete/fight it out)? I am a bit nervous because its a group interview and I am afraid that others will try to top my personality which is fine but I don't know what to prepare for?
I think I can top it with spilling the beans about being trilingual and that I have volunteered at places as well as an active member for a college program. Any advice would be great? Please I want to see like 30 answers because I want to have a bit of everything to pull from.
Also, if I do get the job, what ould they expect after the interview? How are my hours set? I do have school in the fall.

Again thanks to those do answer with the intention of helping.



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  • The most important thing in an interview is that they like you. That will give you the biggest edge.

    They're looking for friendly people who will interact well with customers. So smile A LOT and be talkative and friendly.

    • Of course and although it won't be super easy, it won't be too hard because I've proven to be comfortable with strangers amongst family and peers. Any advice on how to come out on top even when someone like me is in the room?

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