Got a question about car insurance in UK?

I'm looking for my first car, but the car i want is only in a 1.8 so if I got a box on my car and a limited on the engine would the insurance be loads still cause it's a 1.8?

Love audis mind, the rs7 is one of the nicest cars around
Didn't mean to update that haha was meant as a reply to a comment, anyone know how to remove updates?


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  • yeah... a 1.8 is always gonna cost a bomb and you dont want a box on your car... they can actually increase your premium if they dont feel you are driving safely...

    While I know you would like your first car to be powerful, I suggest you get something smaller. What are you looking at right now?

    • I'm looking for a new style Honda Civic but can't find one in a 1.4 or lower at a reasonable price where as I can get a 1.8 with top of the line features for around £2000

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    • Sounds good, should look on auto trader see if u can find anything good on there

    • Audis are nice. The rs7 is a pretty awesome car

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