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Would a whatsapp meassage have 2 grey ticks if the app has been uninstalled? Or one tick that it's been delivered on the network only

I understand how whatsapp works. Do you get 2 ticks on your side if the other person UNINSTALLED the app?


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  • No... two gery ticks means it has been delivered to his mobile but he hasn't checked it yet. Like the app is there but he needs to open it to get those two ticks blue.


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  • 1 grey tick means the message isn't delivered yet.
    2 grey tick means the message is delivered but the person didn't read the message.
    2 blue tick means he/she read it

    • Oh but there is an option called Read receipt. It's perfect for someone who reads messages but can't/ don't reply right away. If you turned on the read receipt it will show only 2 grey ticks to others even though you read the messages.

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    • Yes he is busy but... His ignoring me due to me being a bad girl! oooopsy daisy..

    • Lol! Then just call him xD

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  • One gray tick = the message reached the servers but hasn't reached the person (yet). Could be because their phone is off, they have no internet or because they deleted whatsapp.

    Two gray ticks = it reached the person, they just haven't seen it yet.

    • I know that.. What I am asking is.. If the app is deleted by the other person, will there be 2 ticks?

    • Only if they deleted the app after receiving the message I guess.