How do I ask my mom?

It may not see that complicated to y'all but to me it kinda is. I wanna sign up for singing lessons but my mom kinda doesn't like anyone else but people she knows and she seems like she doesn't want to do sign me up for anything. I've been wanting to do this since I was like 9 or 10 but my mom doesn't even know I like singing so that's another reason she may want to but I really love singing. After singing I want to learn to play guitar. Either that or learn to play guitar with the same teacher. But I really want to do this so any advice?( by the way this is probably the most boring post but PLEASE HELP!!!)


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  • Just tell your mom how much you love music and ask her to let you take classes - She might surprise you and agree - Post not boring by the way

  • not a boring post try this "mom please sign me up for? lessons, i whant to give it a try please) lol not very original i know but just ask her. the more you think about it the arder it gets.


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