The advice given to novice?

Hi everybody , i m new on the site. What should i know the site?


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  • 1. You will meet people that love you and people that hate you. Don't let the haters get to you.

    2. There are sexist and racist people here, try not to get offended by them remember at the end of the day they only make life hard for themselves.

    3. Not everyone will agree with you, some will be respectful in the way they express this and others will be unreasonable.

    4. There are creeps here but you can block them.

    5. If you need to block anyone you can do this be clicking on their profile and clicking the "X". This will stop them from private messaging you, up voting or down voting your opinions, posting on your questions and I think also replying to your opinion on their question but keep in mind if you ask a question anonymously then anyone you have blocked can post on it.

    6. If you post an opinion on a persons question that they have asked anonymously and you need to block them then don't worry about not knowing who they are so you can bock them. If you move your mouse to the top of the page it will give you the option to end the conversation by blocking them on that question. Remember this is for that question only.

    7. Think before you post on GAG you can not edit or remove questions. However, you can disavow it after 24 hours. You also can not edit or remove comments. Admins will only remove what you have posted if it violates the terms and conditions.

    8. As well as blocking people you can also report people, you can report someone by clicking on their profile and clicking on the flag. You can also report peoples opinions that they have posted on your questions and also their comments they have posted on your opinions on other peoples questions.

    9. If you want to avoid heated arguments then stay away from the subjects of religion, feminism, good guy vs bad boy stuff and also be aware that any thing you post can not be mistaken as sexist or racist.

    10. You can post polls on this site, many people like voting on polls.

    11. At this time GAG is often slow as it is late a night in America and most of the people here are from America. I tend not to post many questions at this time as you usually don't get as many answers.

    • Your welcome there is other stuff to but I thought that was more than enough reading for you lol. Anything you are not sure on just ask and I am more than happy to tell you. :)

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  • 1. Don't ask questions related to what other people think of turkish people, there are already tons of questions about that :p

    2. Ignore the haters.

    3. Don't take everyone seriously.

    4. If someone is creeping on you, use the block-button.

    Oh and, Welcome! :)


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  • Welcome to GAG! Since there is a faq available, I'll try and name some stuff outside of the faq or unclear in it.

    1.) Block anyone who you feel is creeping. Since you are a girl there will be some. They often introduce themselves with a seemingly friendly enough "hello" and then BAM. Dick pic D:
    2.) Don't feed the troll. You'll see some ridiculous stuff. However, sometimes people just have difficult questions. You'll have to figure that out yourself.
    3.) When you get a higher level, you can post pictures by putting the image link in the opinion box.
    4.) If you are in it for the Amazon gift card, I suggest giving up. It takes a hell of a long time.
    5.) Don't be pissed off when you give the best honest answer and you don't get MHO because the question-asker picked the one answerer who was downvoted a million times yet agreed with the question-asker.
    6.) Expect to see flame war/bait questions that aren't really questions.
    7.) This site is like online crack. Very addicting.
    8.) If things get too bad for your profile's messages you can go private.
    9.) If you want to get to the meaty long-and-difficult questions people are afraid to answer, go to the no opinion section and scroll down (Feed -> No Opinions).
    10.) If you need to take a break from the heavy questions, check out the "other" topic.
    11.) If some dude is bothering you real bad or there is a serious site problem or you made a mistake on your question, contact/message a moderator.
    12.) If you go on here enough, you'll see a bunch of recurring characters. You can also make cool friends on here too! :D
    13.) We are not professionals... well, uhh, for the most part. We are often times people voicing their opinions. That being said, don't take everything everyone says on here too serious.

    Oh by the way, if you are responding to another's comment made on your opinion, make sure to do an @ThatPersonsUsernameInfo so they can be notified of it. This is probably in the FAQ somewhere, but I always seem to forget to do it.

    Good luck on your path to GAG Guru! Only 10,000 opinions left xD

    • Waaow 10.000 opinions?
      I have no such ambition for that ๐Ÿ˜„ thanks

  • Some people will like you, others will hate you, there will be trolls, and children and lots of questions, answer them to the best of your ability and obey the rules. there are also level restrictions on some things like messaging people.

  • I will be very positive - Join in - Ask an answer question - I honestly believe 95% of the people here are nice - Welcome and enjoy

  • Avoid creeps weirdos and people who just troll. Hover over my name on the top left of my comment. A small window will pop up you will see 4 different buttons on the far right of that small screen click the X and you can now block me:)

  • We have cookies and punch.

    Don't drink the punch someone pissed in it...

  • Take everything with a grain of salt ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • You can't message people till your lv 2, but people can message you

    • This is bad new๐Ÿ˜” When i will be lv 2 ?

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    • I have just 10 xper :/
      I subscribe to the site to improve my English. And i can not send messages , it is bad for me

    • Nope, actually getting to lv 2 and improvin your English will go hand in hand, just ask questions and post opinions, ๐Ÿฎ I don't have a cupcake icon ;-; lmao

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  • The FAQ is your friend

    Other than that it's all pretty straight forward :)

  • Just go with the flow :)

  • Watch out for catfishes and the virgin hunter (if you are one)