I am going to wake later today and was wondering when in line to pay respects, how many people can go up to the casket at a time?

This is my first wake also, I'm going with my friend and her mom. Would it be weird if all three of us went up to the casket to pray at the same time? Thank you (I know this isn't normally a topic you'd see on here but I needed to ask this simply because I've been nervous all day that three people going up is bad or weird, instead of two).

A wake ^


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  • It isn't bad or weird. Wake's can make people feel awkward and anxious. Just keep in mind that everyone is grieving. I will typically pay my respects alone unless someone asks me to go with them. Just do whatever feels comfortable for you at the time.


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  • I would assume 1 by 1, so that each individual can have their private intimate moment unless you decide to group up with people at the same time.

    • Well I was planning to stick with the two people I was going with because it's the first one I've ever decided to go to.

  • No rules at these things just do what feels right


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