Do you think people know what I'm thinking?

So I just read a question on here and I knew exactly what that girl was thinking, And then I thought about it and I realized that if I know what she's thinking then everyone probably knows what I'm thinking too! I'm so scared


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  • Relax, lol, its just your mind is in oerfect sync with hers at that that moment. When i text people i say random stuff and gets it right. Like say girl get them skittles out your mouth. In my mind she love candy so obviously she's eating some. Turn to fibd out she was eating candy and it was skittles. Im like naw your lying. But then she went on. Im like oookay. Wow. It happens let your mind do its job. Better than the government getting a hold of it. Lol.

    • So this is normal? And everyone's mind does this?

    • This normal, just like people see auras and other higher stuff, we humans just too lazy to tap into it.

  • I had a user on here tell me she knew what I was going to say or some shit lololol.
    People like that are genuinely crazy, thinking they are psychic n shit hahaha

    • It's the truth, I swear

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