What is more important: eradicating social issues or having an invincible national defense?

Given the current climate in your country, would you choose to erase social issues such as racism, homo/islamophobia, etc. and create a completely tolerant society or would you choose to erase the chance of outside threats via an invincible national defense?

You can only fund one. Which is a priority for you?

  • I would wish to erase social issues and biases.
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  • I would wish for an invincible national defense.
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Eff. I messed up. Please IGNORE the part about current culture!

ULTIMATELY, which is more important? Which is a must-have?
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Thank you for your input!


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  • Simple fact of the matter is, What fucking good is it fixing all 'social issues' and 'biases' if you don't have any power to protect it?

    Sure, Its all fucking fine and dandy sorting some little issues out, And helping out all the fucking pussies and cry babies of society, But... why even bother if you then have the risk of being invaded a month later and having your entire population colonized and slaughtered?

    ''A society is only as powerful as the force that protects it''.

    To be honest, If you pick A, You're a ''boohoo waaaa'' mother fucker. The world isn't sunshine and fucking rainbows and we can't sit down and fucking talk everything out. Some shit you need to solve with Violence. We've beeen doing it as a specie since we first appeared, and its worked ever since.

  • well seeing as how the U. S. is in the top 5 super powers of the world and our defensive capabilities are substantial i would revert funds to social issues.

  • Oh, national defense, obviously.

    groups aligning along racial divides has been human nature for recorded human history, if you're dumb enough to think it's going away, feel free to waste your time and money.

    Homophobia--any lifestyle that involves 2% of American men and 57% of HIV infections in the USA deserves a rational, logical dislike.

    Islamophobia--a religion where practitioners have been steadily waging war and massacring civilians for not believing in their religion since it's inception deserves dislike.

  • Well, you got the best national defense in the world in my opinion. So, now eradicating social issues would be a good idea.

  • Social issues and biases are what kill more people. I would rather erase all those issues in our country first, cause the military in America is already on steroids.,

  • Neither one is possible and the two are not unrelated. If you can't defend your country it doesn't matter how happy your people are. Likewise if you country is a hell hole what exactly is your military defending you from? Nicer people running the place?


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