Was I wrong for being aggressive (LONG AF)?

So we went to some pig impound to pick up my brother's bike, and as we pulled in this stoic looking guy was eyeballing us and walked up when we backed in. He didn't introduce himself at all or asked why we were there, so we didn't exactly talk to him. This other guy came out with the bike and as we were starting to load the bike up the one guy said "Don't worry about helping them, I think they've done this before". We were a bit stunned, and my friend asked "what do you mean?", to which he replied "Well you've done this a bunch I imagine." with this stoic, emotionless voice and face, almost accusing us of being the theives coming back. My friend said "You sound really sarcastic.." and all he replied with was "you've done this a bunch I assume", so my friend said "What are you, a cop?" to which he replied (snarkily) "Well that would make sense", so I said "Dude what's your problem?" he then looked at me with a face on and said "What?", to which I replied "You don't have to be such a prick". He got mad, told the guy helping us to go with him as if they were helping us like crazy, and my friend tried to figure out what was going on. The guy said summat about how he thought we were from a loading company (we weren't even driving a company vehicle), and said he was just trying to make conversation. Even after apologising, he was very stoic and emotionless, and still accusory towards us.

I'm sitting here wondering if I didn't gauge the situation properly. Every fibre of my being wanted to smack him in the face, that's the kind of vibe he was giving, and the fact that he didn't at least ask us first about where we're from and who we are/who he was makes me believe he was just interrogating us. What do you guys think (based off the info given)? I get that I probably shouldn't have hauled off and called him a prick, but my issue is more of me calling a potentially innocent guy a prick vs. calling a prick a prick.


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  • ehh not a big deal. not really that aggressive.

    • Cheers; The aggressive bit was the feeling in my body that was trying to hit the guy.

    • yeah I would definitely have felt that too, but your actions are what speak for the situation here. it was good.

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  • So he implied that you two were thieves?
    You should have complained to his manager

    • Well, he came up with a story that he thought we were from some company coming to pick the bike up for my brother, but it was extremely suspicious and unlikely, so I feel like we'd be told to kick rocks by management.

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  • Why did you expect being helped? Are you impaired in some way?
    I never expect help.

    • Who said I expected to be helped? Might want to get your eyes checked, bud. The guy was helping us at the start, and as we were doing it and thanked him, the other guy said what he said.