What should I do when a friend of my friend's keeps talking to me?

so this guy who's a friend of my friend added me on facebook. And I felt rude not accepting his request because he's my friend's friend even though I never met him. Now he keeps talking to me and I don't know what to do. I don't like interracting with people I don't know online but he says he has known my friend for a while


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  • As a young women, you will learn that unfortunately.. you cannot be "nice" to every male because it does sometimes get translated to "I'm interested in dating you."

    You will feel it's rude and some guys will even call you mean names if you didn't respond how they want but... to avoid leading people on and un-wanted attention.. you will have to learn the art of "ghosting" and letting men down.

    "my boyfriend loves that comedian too!"
    - this move deters 50% of men.

    "my yeast infection smell killed my flower"
    - 40%

    "My penis is 8', how about yours?"
    - 10%

    boom flow chart.

  • Ask your friend about him to make sure he is okay.


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