How do I get a job?

I just want tips, advice, an idea of where I can send a resume/job application, how to do well on a job interview.


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  • Most important thing is to speak with confidence. Even if you speak crap it's gonna sound smart when you speak boldly. Second thing is to find reasons to why he could be benefitted to hire you instead of thinking how the job can benefit you. Show flair and endeavour in taking responsibility for the job. Enjoying your job is mutual benefit for you and the company both. Coming to the resume, people don't usually go deep into it. Just download a resume template from MS Office and fill it up. Trust me, i speak through experience. I got the highest amount of offer letters in my college campus interviews. Trust me when i say, the resume matters less than the interview round. Good luck for the interview. Hope they hire you :)


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  • Flirt with the owner of company :D


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