Learning to drive manual?

Soon i will be learning to drive manual.

what are some good tips when learning?

what was the hardest part for you?

how long did it take for you to get the hang of knowing when to switch gears and know about rpms?


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  • (1.) Plant your left foot to the floor and rotate it on the ball of your foot, this will make you much smoother than just pressing your foot in and out on the clutch.
    (2.) Before you even start just run the first 4 gears through their gates as if you were upshifting (clutch in of course). Get used to where they go. Also, feel the clutch go in and out with your leg. Depending on the car, you might have a friction "zone" or "point". A zone will be much easier, a point will take precision.
    (3.) Where shoes with as little sole as possible, like wrestling shoes. You'll feel the clutch much easier.
    (4.) When you first start, do it on a long flat area. Don't give it any gas, just put in in first and SLOWLY release the clutch out. If you do it right you wont't stall and the car will just creeeeeepppp forward, keep releasing the clutch out until it's fully off. Do this several times until you can consistently keep getting the car to creep with no gas.
    (5.) Once you get 4 down, now add some throttle when you start to release. Remember, you're still just releasing it SLOWLY, just with gas this time so it creeps sooner. Think of it like a teeter-totter, clutch out until it catches, and add some gas while you are still releasing the clutch. you want to balance the two. 1.5k rpm's is your best bet in most cases. Practice this several times.
    (6.) Now try reverse to get back from where you started from. Reverse is a "fast" gear. It will start to move you much faster than you think, and 3mph backwards is a lot. Don't give reverse any gas, just release the clutch slowly like you would with first.
    (7.) Now it gets easy. Start out and shift to 2nd at about 3k rpms. DON'T dump the clutch in 2nd or you will jerk the car like the dickens. Same process as first, release slowly and add gas slowly once it catches. Your shifts will be slow to start, "granny" shifting, but that's okay. Just don't hold in the clutch more than 5 sec. Just rinse and repeat until you get up to 3rd or 4th depending on the road.
    (8.) Practice heavily for the next week. Find country roads or highways that are empty in the middle of the night. Practice getting going from a stop and driving at highway speeds. Start adding in advanced techniques like downshifting, hill starts, and clutching in while you turn and brake.
    (9.) This is by far the best video and it helped me learn:
    Remember, stalling is a right of passage. You will stall and it might be a lot, the goal is to just stall less and less. Have fun!


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  • First gear is the hardest, best tip is to rev the gas once and slowly let out the clutch until you can feel the car start to move, then push the clutch back in. Do this a few times before letting the clutch all the way out and taking off. It'll give you a feel for how much of the clutch you actually have to let out before the car will go into gear. That way your not continually giving gas and hearing the rmps climb, then all lf a sudden popping it into gear.

    After some time driving, you get a feel for everything: rpms, downshifting etc. Good luck.

  • The hardest part is letting out the clutch softly when you're stopped. It requires some getting used to. Once you get going, it's pretty easy.

    Also, the situation of being stopped on an incline and rolling back into someone freaks me out.

  • tips, go slow and don't dump the clutch. honestly just don't freak out. just remember the amount of clutch you apply will be your ability to go and cut power.

  • The hardest part is not dumping the clutch and applying the appropriate amount of power when starting off.

  • be really patient with the clutch. play with it a little bit before before learning the actual driving.. you need to feel the point where you have to hold it when changing gears. if not, you'll kill the engine quite often.


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