Why do black people hate the klitschko brothers?

they say boxing is black sport... like wtf? are they scared of those brothers? even tho the older brother retired from boxing


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  • Boxing ain't a black sport. No sport is a particular race sport. Most boxers are of Hispanic or Latin ethnic group from what I've seen. As far as the Klitschko bros. They have dominated the sport for a while now. Maybe people are tired of that. People hated on all the greats. Take your pick. Floyd is still the best pound for pound boxer in the world and now this dude is the scariest dude in boxing:


    He got one of the bros titles. He's undefeated and has knocked out over 30 people.

    • who;s that guy?

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    • It will be a good fight. Haven't been a really good heavyweight fight in a long time. It will be a classic for sure.

    • yup yup

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