Finding out "What's next" on my own?

I'm at a blank in my mind like I dont know what's next. I don't think unless I have to and that's not good because when it comes to thinking about something there's always this empty space in my head that's not connecting. I have pointless story like dreams of/involving people on television or whatever I've watched that day or previously.. this shit makes me feel depressed when all the distractions are gone and I'm left with WHATS THERE?


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  • So I'm guessing you tend to lose focus or do you not find your life to be fulfilling enough, and you just don't have a lot going on right now.

    • All of that in one short dreadheaded African American. Since a kid I've never felt like I could be myself because I had to conform to not cause any issues with the person I was coexisting with. I was always helping or someone else's extra set of hands or brain because I was the only boy in my home with no strong father figure I'm adding all this in to give you an insight as to why I think the way I do and I'm aware of it but don't know what to do to alter this mindset now that I'm on my own. I've always felt I was on my own but alongalongside others I got to experience a fulfilling life until everything blows away and I'm by myself those things are very far from happening. Like if a friend would walk alongside me they wouldn't want to stay long or would always want to sleep around me.

    • Well now that you're on your own, you have a chance to finally be who you want to be, I would suggest you just take some time, to try and find yourself.

  • seems like u tend to lose focus easily... which means there's sth in yr mind dat bothers u... have u ever figured out wot it might be?

    • A lot of things bother me. The whole "those that do not learn from history shall repeat it" theory and me seeing that this is indeed true it sets me back a lot. My ideas of time itself, working to make the right choices for MYSELF without the help of anyone else because of these thoughts makes me very stagnant and all I occupy my time with is sex, porn and the physical being, and I'm not working right now.

    • so do u live wid yer parents now?

      it happens to me though... it's not uncommon... sometimes i feel there's a huge vacant space within me

    • Yes I live with my mother. I noticed the difference when I stopped moving around and started staying in the house. The little bit that goes on here Repeats itself it's not enough.

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