Words of wisdom?

Ok so I'm turning 18 in 2 months and to me, this is a big milestone! I was wondering if anyone older had any words of wisdom or things you wish you knew at my age?


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  • I may not be older but I'm going to throw my hat in the ring anyway...

    - A massive fire consumes the fuel around it, killing and destroying everything in its path, so this fate does await us all. Neither rank nor riches can save us now.
    - Chinese proverb
    ( what do you think this means?)

    - All men are brought into this world equally. However, some die battling a grizzly bear in the Alaskan wilderness, others slip in the tub.

    - Why postpone happiness?

    - Never say "I'll earn my riches and than do what I love" because that day will never come and you will be left in your deathbed wondering what happened.

    - If you want something go and get it! Why would you not do something that would make you happy?

    Hold on while I try to think of more...


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  • Well, you probably won't consider me old enough to give you advice. But I decided to answer your question:
    - do what you think it's the best for you, not what others expect you to do
    - think well before making an important decision, because you might regret later
    - don't think too much about the future, instead worry about the present
    - don't rush certain things, let them happen naturally
    - be your best friend

    Hope this helps :)


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  • Life will do its best to confuse you, trick you, take things from you, and wear you down. Just smile back at all of it and live life your way.

  • I don't know you as a person, so it's hard to know what advice you need and don't need.

    Some lessons I have learned:

    1) Love yourself. It's prerequisite for everything else.
    2) Trust your heart. Don't let others dupe you into betraying your personal values.
    3) Ally yourself with good people. Don't get isolated and lonely.
    4) Enjoy your 20s. They don't last forever.
    5) Do what you love. As much as possible.

  • Life doesn't get any easier. You get more rights and responsibilities but it only gets tougher.

  • "If you sit down to a hand of cards and you don't see any suckers, then it's you."


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  • Trust no one but yourself

  • be yourself! seriously
    and try to find yourself