Anyonelse experienced a fear for the future when they got into College?

I mean this anxiety or worry about if you will turn out to be who you want to be? If you will be working on your dream job or not? If you will like the course you chose?

I want to know if anyonelse was hit by this fear almost as soon as they started college.

And for me, this fear sometimes greatly impaired my work... :/


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  • You know my mum used to tell me over and over again when i was younger (i was a slow learner in school btw) "Son, Expectations reduce joy in life". When you expect things to work out according to your minds brilliant plan and when they don't, this brings fear and anxiety and tension to you. Yes you should have goals and aspirations but they should not cause pain and tension in you. When i studied engineering all those years ago, i did it because i wanted to learn about it and had a passion for it... but i did not build this picture in my heard that one day i'm going to be a greatr engineer and work for a hugh sace company and become an astronaut... no no no... i just studied because i wanted to learn... nothing more... years later my engineering knowledge would become useful when i entered the finance world and was able to apply my anaylitical skills to become a very successful investor.

    You have this fear because you expect to be someone someday... you should drop this feeling... do it because you love it... and you never know where it can lead you, more often that not... to even be better than your expectations...

    Expectations in life reduce joy... goes for relationships too :)

    • I agree. That has certainly taken all the fun out of it. For someone that used enjoy learning, I started to feel repulsion towards it (almost fear).

      It had gotten better. Even if not completely well.

      Thank you for your kind words

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    • You are most welcome. I really appreciated your insight on this. Hopefully I'll b able to turn things around and not focus so muh on expectations.
      I should b the one thanking you. It was some valuable advice.

    • haha, Aww, i'm just glad that you have found use for those words just as i have. "Learn to love, love to learn" always... let it guide you and share knowledge with as many people as you can :), Its been my pleasure *bows politely

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  • Yes always feared for my future as a teen growing up and dealing with my
    dad losing his job i was still in middle school a lot of painful days i went through
    but i was going to go to this college in Ohio US for computer programming
    and what was included was a postal job for me to have for spending money
    but that fail through then I went to Douglas School of Business they gave
    you small spending money like every so often to spend how you wanted
    but i never stuck it out and my grades were horrible. But i often wondered
    when i was in regular school such as Middle School, High School should i
    been put me in Special Education classes in school cause in regular
    school there was lot things i never learn and i got terrible grammar also
    there is many things i don't know I can have childish behavior at times
    lot people don't accept me for my mental challenges and I know lot people
    can't understand me i often wonder did something happen to me
    cause my mother almost died during childbirth because i did recall my
    late mom telling me how bad of time she had in labor with me and there
    was moment she recalled going to this place that was peaceful now
    did she die and they brought her back i will never know what happen
    but i do agree the future does bring fear to us i know with me i still fear
    about things it does make me wonder..

    • Thanks for sharing your story with me. These kinds of things sometimes we have to bear them alone and many times we do not share them with others and let them weigh on you and hold you down. It is a nice feeling knowing about someonelses struggles, as it gives us the sense that we are not so alone after all.
      I want to tell you that you have been nothing but kind and nice to me. You seem to be a wonderful person. The people that sometimes misunderstand you, is because they dint take the time to get to know you. But they should. And everyone has their quirks too.

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    • U are absolutely right :)

  • No. All the slick marketing, promotional tactics and convincing on the part of people I thought I could trust steered me into it assuming I would be successful afterwards. The reality of it did not hit me until I was unable to find suitable work after graduate school. By then, it was too late. If you are thinking about attending college, I would advise that you at least consider other avenues (such as vocational/trade school, apprenticeships, etc...).

  • i am going through the same thing! I don't know if i want to go to med school anymore!
    I really want to be a writer and chef, but thats not the best choice for living a secure life style!

    • Wow im in med school. I guess its the stress of this course. Too much pressure sometimes

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    • Yeah i hate when people have it all figured out, but i realize that is just a mask they show to the world, many people our age or around it are going through the same thing

    • Yes. I guess you are right.

  • Yup but It hit me 1 year after getting into college.

  • Yeah, just like all other schools were. New things are always scary


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  • Yes of course. It's perfectly normal, during college you'll figure out what you wanna do. Just be sure to choose a subject you enjoy, not something just because you'll make money off of it. You'll be miserable.

    I'm a psychology major and I'll be a senior this year. I'm volunteering and doing internships until I have some experience for grad school. Along the way, I might decide to take acting classes to see if that's a route I might want to take. Either way, I'm happy with my chosen degree. Once you find that, you'll be fine and the anxiety will decrease.