Can we predict earthquakes and tsunamis coz Idk?


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  • Seismologists are working on ways to improve the technology to predict earthquakes by looking at the activity of tectonic plates that is causing them - however there are already pretty good early warning systems

    • So we can somehow but say if the earthquake is one week from now would be able to predict it now or its like 2 days before it?

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    • No worries I understood everything thanks again 😊

    • I'm glad if I could help :)

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  • Only within a day or two hence the tsuinami and quake warnings

  • Animals can

    • But we can't , right? Coz there was a question here a girl saying that there's an earthquake coming to the USA

    • Machines can suggest from tectonic plate activity but hey no ones been warned before look at the Nepa. earth quake no warning. But aftershocks can be predicted obviously and so tsunamis after earthquakes happening in ocean floors hence you got tsunami warning sirens for coastal areas