Are my parents just retarded or what?

They seem to think that life is only about accmulating wealth and getting ahead in your career. Since my childhood, they've avctively stopped me from playing sports or music or even going out, for fear it may affect my studies and future. If they go to the beach, they would just sit in the backdrop and stare byut not actually go for a splash.
At my age, being single is annoying but my parents would never understand that - they still see career and finances as being the most important.
I bought a property the other day. My parents had no emotion whatsoever. Again, mt dad starts with the finances lecture and goes on and on about real estate trends etc. Where's the celebration?
Ughh.. guess we can't change who we're born to.
It's like both my parents are severe aspies but refuse to diagnose themselves.


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  • They probably don't see any reason to celebrate I guess but once you're a bit more well off everything else you wanted will fall into place


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  • They just want what is best for you.

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