Any good music to share? Local bands, friends bands, great bands, musicians from the past or present, electric or acoustic, great live versions?

The Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow

Bahamas - Stronger Than That (he is actually Canadian!!)

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's - Man On Fire

Queen - The Hitman

Red hot Chili peppers - Woodstock '99 concert


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  • - Willie Nelson for " buddy" and "sweet memories"
    - Johnny Horton for " whispering pines"
    - Jimmy buffet for almost everything. "Frenchman for the night" is a favorite though.
    - Jim Croce for pretty much everything
    - John Denver for some stuff
    - Bing Cosby for " I haven't time to be a millionaire"
    - Rudy Vallee for " as time goes by"
    - stage name Hip Hachet for some stuff


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  • Check out The Asylum Street Spankers.