Would you rather teach and live in China or Arizona?

So I got offered teaching in a city in China that provides essentially free housing and I work with a group of 3-5 year olds and it is a five day gig-weekends off. I know no chinese and they said you do not have to.

The place in Arizona I would be the head teacher, but it is in a place that is like out in the middle of nowhere on an Indian reservation , but they do provide you with nice trailers to stay in and they deduct it from your pay-rent is only like 150 a month which is super cheap.

I just cannot make up my mind as to which to take. I would love some feedback as I have been weighing the pros and cons of each you know?

And if you have had a similar dilemma let me know about it. Thanks...


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  • Once in a lifetime experience to go to China. You can do Arizona any time. Everyone I've known that has been an ESL teacher in China (Japan, and South Korea) have absolutely loved their experiences. You might be the teacher, but you learn so much from them too. Your Arizona job might not be there if you go back, but you can always try for it again sometime since you're a US resident (basing on your profile?) and can have other opportunities in the US when you come back. China also has a reputation to only take *younger* teachers, so if you are 28, and don't take the opportunity, you might not have it again in your 30s as it gets tougher.


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  • I would say Arizona. China has squat toilets, is overpopulated and has safety rules than the U. S. If you move to China you better be good at
    1. Driving stick shift and car with out traction control or anti-lock brakes.
    2. Squatting to use the restroom as American toilets are rare their.
    3. Speaking Chinese
    4. using the metric system.


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  • China would be an experience. Very mice culture but they have the devil as their government.

  • Arizona hates its teachers and treats them like trash.

    Go to China. You'll be treated better, and that experience will sound more prestigious, so you can leverage it for your career down the line.