Which of the announced candidates do you most want to be president?

Please explain your choice below. In the poll, I included what I believe to be the top polling candidate in both major parties.

  • Bush (former Governor of Florida)
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  • Clinton (former First Lady)
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  • Paul (US Senator from Kentucky)
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  • Sanders (US Senator from Vermont)
    Vote D
  • Trump (businessman, author, and TV star)
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  • Walker (Governor of Wisconsin)
    Vote F
  • Someone else
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I love Ben Carson but as long as the lefty racists attack him as an Uncle Tom, he doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. I want him in office, but I'll settle for Scott Walker. I don't trust any of the announced Dems.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Sanders. He is most outspoken about the issues I care most about. Our morals and outtake on government and beyond is very similar.

    • And he doesn't have Hillary's scandalous past.

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    • In both those quotes he is still accusing all men (except his self sainted self, I assume) of wanting to dominate women.

    • You don't see the article as a commentary of male/female relationships at all? @gallowway875

  • Bernie sander!!!

    But in a perfect world Elizabeth warren for pres and Bernie for VP

  • I like for Hillary you have her listed as Former First Lady and not Former Senator or Former Secretary of State.


  • I picked Trump because he's unique. He doesn't need to return favors to donors as president, and he isn't afraid to say things like they are.

    Granted, he is a little loopy, but that'll keep Putin on his toes.

  • Sanders because

    1. Hell no to a third bush
    2. Hell no to another Clinton
    3. Paul is a Republican
    4. Hell no to Trump hr wouldn't give a shit
    5. Walker is a Republican
    6. Turns out Sanders is the popular/good vote anyways

    • Part of the problem with our democracy today is all the party labels. I intentionally left them off the poll. You should be able to give a better reason for eliminating a candidate then that they are the party of Lincoln.

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    • Well actually I haven't and I'll take your word for it. I know all of them aren't that way it's just many of them are and only look after the wealthy.

      But I'm don't look too much into politics considering I'm still just a kid and can't vote anyways. In the end once I can I honestly won't just vote for a democrat because if the person is clearly a bad choice I wouldn't mind votingnfir the better option.

    • Good. Thats my plan, too :)

What Guys Said 6

  • What a grim choice. If I were an American, I definitely would vote Republican if the Democrat were Bernie Sanders. Otherwise, I would probably vote Democrat, if the Republican were a religious conservative like Rick Santorum. Otherwise, I would probably vote Republican.

    • What if it was Trump versus Hillary?

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    • And then I would vote straight Republican in the Congressional elections to put the brakes on her.

    • If I were British, I'd vote UKIP. That Farage guy is awesome!

  • I would choose Walker

    • After Trump and possibly Carson I would too.

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    • Yeah, Trump was right about illegal immigrants and rape. Carson said the PC police were out in force against Trump. Trump is a link, but he was right there and Carson was right to support him. Carson is an excellent role model but since he is black and conservative, the blacks and liberals think he must be destroyed.

  • Mike Huckabee, according to my research I believe that he has his head screwed on the right way and would make a great president. Yes he's very religious but that doesn't make him unfit.

  • As a Canadian, i would rather be next door with someone who was a little more sane, and shared more Canadian values than any other candidate. In my view, that person would Sanders. My hope though is that the finale comes down to rand paul and bernie sanders. I'd love to see these two intelligent, but polar opposites debate in a final showdown

    • That'd be very interesting!

      Problem is Paul has ver little carisma.

    • you think so? i think he's probably one of the more charismatic candidates amongst the republicans

  • Come on Wisconsin!!!

    • Yeah. He's been a great governor and will probably be a great president. However I wouldn't put the farm on him winning the election...

  • Lol help us. Awful.