Are you happy with President Obamas impact on America over his Presidencies?

Personally I think he is a total turd head but how about you guys?

Are you happy with his overall career.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm honestly not sure yet. I know that the changes to insurance, birth control, and student loans have helped me. A LOT. So I hope those changes have helped others.

    But I know that things like the US pulling out of Iraq too soon haven't helped anyone except ISIS. We'll just have to see how things turn out.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I like him. I do believe that his Presidency could have been better if he didn't have to clean up the banking/housing debacle from Clinton's terms along with the wars and plummeting job market that was on the verge of putting us in a depression that he inherited from that dumbass George W Bush.

    Not to mention he was constantly butting head with the Republican controlled Congress (who he tried desperately to work with), who have proved on many occasions that they would rather see this nation fall then to see Obama succeed. Hell they even caused the Government to shut down, because of their vendetta against Obama.

    I believe he gets blamed for too many things that are far out of his control, but he has done a good job and once his term is up, I do believe he will be seen in a more positive light as the years go by just like Truman and Reagan.


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What Girls Said 2

  • No how he forces citizens to buy insurance messed up my familys insurance and now we're gonna get finned at the end of the year yaaaah😑

    • If you like your plan you can keep it.


    • No what I'm saying is that our insurance came from his job and when he was let go we couldn't get an insurance because of debt and we didn't qualify for obamacare so now my parents are going to be finned sorry for the misunderstanding. :\

    • Oh ok. I just think it was funny how he said that if you like your plan you keep it.

  • Couldnt use Obama care but besides that he's coool.


What Guys Said 5

  • his done more good than the last 3 presidents combined. however idiots dont realize that because they did not know how deep the shit they were already in until he started to pull them out then blamed him for it.

  • Obama's impact on America was MUCH better than his foreign politics.

  • People give him too much schtick. He's been fine. Uneventful, but fine.

  • History will decide that. He could go down like Truman, whose decisions at the time were attacked but worked out in the long term and had his presidency looked favorably upon. Or he could end up like Carter, whose decisions at the time were attacked they didn't work out which led most of his presidency to be looked down at.

  • Why are 99% of political posts from reich wing, brainwashed dip shits?

    Are right winger's lives really this meaningless and empty that they have to start propaganda flame wars?

    • Well. If you feel that my mere asking of opinions of our leader are terms for war then you are truly simple.
      Furthermore, I, in no way, was aggressive or argumentative. It is you who is being antagonistic and belligerent.

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