Guys, what do you think if your gf/wife would get "loose skin after major weight loss" surgery?

Im 5'3ft and I was 223lbs at my biggest. I'm down to 135lbs. I've worked my butt off with different exercise routines but after all that weight loss now I have some saggy skin. I'm considering surgery to remove it as exercise has not helped with saggy skin these past 3 years. If I was your gf/wife, would you support or be against it, and why?

P. S. I've had 2 kids and never been skinny. I just want to know what my body is supposed to be like. I feel I deserve it.

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  • Some will tell you that it will fix itself over time. But that is often not true. Especially if you are basically past the growing age, where corrections seem to work well. But the excess skin on older people (older than the real young ones) is not forgiving. And as you get even older, even if you are not losing weight or build, your skin gets looser. Just a sad fact. I would say in your case it is probably a lot of skin (based on the amount of weight you lost) so if you can afford it, enjoy the luxury of the surgery.

    • Thank you for your honest opinion and for having the courage to say and be respectful about it.

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    • Thank you for MHO :-)

    • You're welcome!

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  • you're just like me!
    I just lost 50kg and have a loose belly
    thing is, it will correct. this is the most frustrating part of the weight loss, because this you cannot achieve by working for it
    take at least a year for it to correct (it will, i promise) and even more
    it will look better and will make it feel better than surgery so in my opinion don't

    • Cinegrats! I don't know dude, its been three years and muscle is one thing, but skin elasticity is another, right?

    • Plus my BIL iscon the same boat. He has been at it longer than me and still has saggy skin

    • well as you get older it slows down but i don't think that is the case with you :p
      also it has taken a year, but it can take longer
      i bet your weightloss was fast too, which is why i think it takes time, sadly enough a lot

  • I would totally be supportive. Did you know excess skin can even be donated for burn victims and other bad situations?

    Now this is mostly cosmetic, so medical insurance mostly won't cover it, so start saving now.

    • I didn't! Thanks for telling me :D
      Yes that's what i'm planning to do. I don't want to pay crazy interest rates!

  • It doesn't look good. It's bad for your self-esteem and it will never correct itself. Why wouldn't you encourage it?

  • Great job losing the weight! I'd support her having the surgery if it makes her feel better and more confident.

    • Thanks! Its been a long journey and I'm ready for the big finale! (Then maintenance of course)

  • Be against it. Totally against it 100/200%
    because surgery carries risks, they may say oh not you. got nothing to worry about but trust me, only God can predict the future, so by accident if you get God as your surgeon, awesome. But no!

    I think you should go natural and having two kids its normal. I don't think it will make a big deal with your current figure...
    Try meeting a fitness pro or some trainee at the gym and he will give you a workout plan with a food plan as well... it all comes from your food, so control and plan your food and give 3-4 months you will lose a lot of weight.

    !!! pro tip!! Don't ever expect you to lose weight in a week or two, it takes some time and effort, so be patient and calm. :)

    • Everything in life carries risks. But excess skin removal is not a highly dangerous procedure most of the time. And don't bring religion into this, it has utterly nothing to do with it.

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    • You mean naturally as in tightening the skin by 'filling it up' with muscle mass? That only works if you have a little bit of loose skin. I know there are risks during and post the operation, but for the more severe cases that is the only way.

    • I've had a personal trainer and a certified nutritionist work with me for almost 3 years. My PT was as enthusiastic as you but after all this time she keeps saying it MIGHT change. She has never been overweight though. My brother in law hasn't had kids, and he has been working out longer than I have. He still has loose skin

  • If you really want to, I'd go with you. Hell you worked you ass off, lost weight, and I'll be proud of you and currently am.

    • You're sweet! My hubs is the same way.

  • just don't do anything stupid for sake of vanity...

  • If you want do the excess skin surgery due to weight loss i say go for it..

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