Anyone knows any yarn which is comfortable and washable?

I want to try my best to knit a hoodie for my friend and I need to buy yarn to do it but I want a comfortable and washable yarn for him (no scrubbing but just deep into the water and it's clean already kind of wash). So what kind of yarn should I buy?


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  • That's a very sweet idea. At the same time let me just tell you that a knitted hoodie is going to be a very daring fashion choice for a young man. :) He'd be the only one around rocking a knitted hoodie, and I think it would be beneficial to ask "why" before you get started.

    If you're dead set, though, or if you're certain he will wear it, then knock yourself out. :) That is a mega investment of time and effort.

    But in the alternative, how about a scarf, which is someone everyone can use in the winter? Or a hat? Also, in those cases, the yarn material won't matter so much.

    • er... we don't have winter season haha I just want to make something for him since 2nd August will be our last meeting and talking to each other (don't ask why because it's personal stuff haha)

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    • hmmm... then I will try to use the lightweight cotton yarn then, but I will think of other things to knit for backup, thanks by the way :)

    • Good luck. :)

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