What do you think would be the most appropriate punishment for ungrateful people who desecrate their own country (US) and disrespect it along with?

the flag and everyone else who are grateful to the country (United States)?

I'd say a public beheading (Mexican Drug Cartel-Style) and then sticking the flag onto the beheaded person's corpse would be a fairly appropriate.

  • Behead the ungrateful, Anti-American traitor.
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  • Give them constant social scorn/public shame
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  • Give them a beat down.
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  • Do nothing and let them express their "Free Speech" and "Free Expression" all they want.
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  • Others.
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  • I like free speech

  • Such behavior's protected in the First Amendment that many hundreds of thousands have died to protect, and I'm a firm believer in it. I do wonder what the flip they're doing here if they're going to moan contemptibly all day about this nation.

    • So you're saying that you side with them having the free speech to rant about their own country, throwing in Anti-American remarks?

    • That's part of what makes this nation great: allowing not-so-great opinions to be expressed. Not that we NEED such rubbish ideals here.

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