How to set up Find my iPhone app?

Hey GAGers. I just bought a iPod Touch 5th Gen for my sister and I wanted to set up the Find my iPod, iPhone, iPad feature on it. So she can locate where it is as she is pretty forgetful and likely to leave it somewhere and not remember. I downloaded the app but have no clue what to do to set it up.

Can you help please? :)


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  • You do not need the app installed on any potentially lost devices to use Find My iPhone to find it. You just need to make sure make sure the 'Find My iPhone' feture is switched on for all your devices. You can do that under Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Find My iPhone > make sure it's swiped On (to the right, showing green.)

    When it comes time to find the lost device, you can then use the app (logged in with your Apple ID) to track any of your devices sharing that Apple ID. You can also log into the Apple cloud from any desktop with your Apple ID and do the same thing.

    Both the app and desktop site will show you a map and keep refreshjng your lost devices last location. Both versions allow you to lock your lost phone so no one can use it or turn it off, enable it to call only select numbers while it's locked, and you can have it make a sound to hear if you're close by. Its accuracy can vary depending on whether its in a building or outside, but is pretty close within 10-50 yards.

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    • Thanks. I set it up and added my number with a message as it said to do so. It was showing my location. I thought it takes a screenshot and tells u who has ur ipod if it gets stolen

    • This. Oh and you should put Cerberus on your phone.

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