If you don't support #FreeTheNipple, then do you think men with man boobs should wear bras?

Well I've seen some men who have bigger boobs than many women. If I have to cover my nipples, then so do they. It's unfair that they can go topless but I can't. You either support #FreeTheNipple or you want men to cover their nipples too. You can't be biased against one gender.

  • I support #FreeTheNipple. More boobies!!
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  • No. I do think that men should wear bras though.
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  • I'm a man that does not like boobs or a woman that doesn't like shirtless men.
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  • Wearing clothes should not even be a thing.
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  • I'm sexist and think that only one of them need to cover their nipples.
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  • https://i.imgur.com/xDmSWfV.jpg

    Logic. It's considered sexual because it's covered up all the time. A while back a woman showing her knees was considered sexual. It's not now bc it's normal. The same would happen with the nipple


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  • I think the biggest issue is not that women want to walk around topless, because most people don't. I think it's that for some reason, women's nipples get censored in pictures while men's do not, when the nipple itself looks basically the same regardless of gender. The fact that women's nipples are censored is purely because they are seen as sexual, which portrays women as sexual objects. It's not that we have more breast tissue than men which makes it "inappropriate" for the public to see, it's that the female gender has been oversexualized for so long that a woman who doesn't cover her breasts or supports #freethenipple is automatically seen as highly liberal, provocative, or even a slut.

    Long story short, a nipple is a nipple, regardless of who it's attached to. Censor them all, or censor none.


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  • I voted "A", because it only makes logical sense.

    I could even debate we should be allowed to go naked but that's a different argument. However, I think wearing clothing should still "be a thing."

    Anyway, boobs are NOT a genital. It just happens to be that women have more breast-tissue than men, so they look much larger and are a different shape. I would love to see women walk around topless (and I can't think of a straight guy or non-straight girl who wouldn't.)

    I agree, let's FREE the nipple! Although I don't particularly support trendy causes, so I just support the freedom to walk around topless.

    • i dont wanna see a saggy whale walking around making me lose my lunch all women aren't beautiful yknow?

    • @thatharuguy I don't want to see saggy women in clothes either but that doesn't mean it should be illegal. Just because YOU don't like it, doesn't mean it should be illegal.

    • Yes. I agree with everything you said

      @thatkaruguy all men aren't beautiful either

  • I don't know when and why women's boobs got sexualized and men don't, I guess it's because you can play with women boobs but not with men? I don't know, but I support free the nipple. I'm someone that since I was born I've seen boobs every time I went to the beach cause topless was legal, hell, I've even seen naked people walking around me when I was a kid (in the beach of course) and I'm not a troubled kid, I'm actually pretty open when it comes to exposing your body.
    I don't understand why women can't go topless just like men, I don't think the reason is because they're women and they're less than men, but if people get all freaked out when they see a woman breastfeeding, I'm gonna start seeing old ladies faint if they see a woman walking around with her breasts uncovered xD

    I fully support it, not cause I'm gonna see boobies, but because it's the right thing to do.

    • I agree. Thanks for your opinion

  • Waaaaah waaaaah so unfair I'm so oppressed waaaaah

    • Tell that to my nipples

  • Ok. I am a feminist. I believe in equality (I call it equivalence because we are different but with equal value). But I think we should't go crazy with equality. I mean, while we are at it, why shouldn't men be required to wear a tampon for a week every month? Also why should we tolerate women's gyms?

    Although we are of equal value, we, indeed, are different. Physiologically and psychologically. To think that we should all be treated exactly the same way is fallacious. As a man, I am ok with the fact that a pregnant woman will need some arrangements at the workplace. Women have their privileges, we should have ours too. Now, I can't say I like looking at men's nipples. I don't even like mine. I DO LOVE women's nipples though. I am sure I am not the only one. This can be a problem because my monkey brain tend to want to look even at the worst of times. If women go out topless, I predict car accidents will quadruple. Solemnly, Women, you should think of our children ! Ok I am being a bit facetious now, but there is some truth in there.

    • Nice opinion. It's great that you actually took the time to explain yourself unlike a lot of other people here. I can't say I completely agree with you though

      I could say the same about men. If men go out shirtless everywhere, I will be distracted and I am gonna stare a lot. I'm not saying that all women should go out topless, but they should be allowed to do it if they want. Just like men don't always walk around that way all the time.

      Also, I think the reason why a lot of women will get stares if they do it is because breasts are usually covered up all the time. It's less likely to happen if it becomes normal.

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    • Okay lol. Thanks for your opinion :)

    • @Asker The pleasure is all mine my friend

  • I support #freethenipple!

  • yeah! free the asshole too its not a sex organ! =_=

    • Boobs are not sex organs either

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    • "freeing the nipple" trivializes boobs and if they are just seen as regular body parts funding for breast cancer would dramatically go down. it will still be a lot but no where near the same which currently is more than double the amount for prostate cancer. it will become just like prostate cancer day no one will care. i dont know there's just so many things women would be giving away if they "freed the nipple" its like giving away your leverage.

  • screw that movement. Not only do I not want it to happen I want guys to put their shirts back on. They're sweaty and gross and they get their sweat all over everything. Skin cancer is proof that just having your bare body exposed to the sun all day is not natural.

    • Well at least you want both men and women to cover up. I think it's ridiculous that's only women have to do it.

    • The guys who go around shirtless all the time are usually pretty gross.

    • I agree

  • I'm for free the nipple but men with moobs wearing bras would be weird, I don't have that problem but yeah women should be able to go around topless in certain areas just like men can if they don't care about people staring, your allowed to in parks and beaches by me in New York if you want to

    • Yeah the men with bread thing was to add some humor lol. Thanks for your opinion

    • Bras*

    • No problem, I'm all for your cause😊

  • I submitted a mytake on the matter that got both featured and promoted: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a21643-why-the-free-the-nipple-movement-is-just-another-example-of

  • I voted A. The fact that (most) men are aroused by/attracted to female breasts is not, in my view, a good reason to restrict women's freedom. I think a right should exist unless there is a good reason to restrict it. Perhaps women don't need to be able to go without bras, but as there's no risk to anyone the covering of nipples should not be enforced.

    • Yeah. I feel the same way

  • Comon' guy you gotta support it...


    • Unfortunately, the girls who want to walk around topless have small boobs, which I feel would be the case if it WAS legal.

    • Yes!

  • lol. I say free the nipple. it blows my mind that there are men out there that don't want to see free boobs- right?

  • The whole world is biased towards BOTH genders, because we ARE different. You can't simply selectively remove what doesn't please you.

    • It's the other way round. We are different because the world is biased.

    • Ah, ok so both, men and women would have the stronger hormonal emotional bond to the baby (oops, biologically not possible) and the baby would suck the mens boobs (neither is this) if we thought men and women are the same?
      Good luck keeping your babies alive then.

    • @Asker I can't agree with you there. There are obvious biological differences, as @Ghostly pointed out. There are also behavioral differences between men and women.

  • No don't think so but i would appreciate if they wear tshirts

  • I guess women are more conscious about freeing their breasts

  • It all comes down to a legal issue.

  • They act like men walk around shirtless all day everyday, the ones that do are douchebags. Freeingthenipple isn't gonna liberate women from oppression, your going to stares & more people are going to come on to you and judge your body. Women should be able to breastfeed whenever they Need to, but nobody wants to see a shirtless person all day, its amazing freethenipple is even an issue right now when there's problems women face all day everyday that are thousands of times more important, but getting naked is way more important, your parents Must be proud.

  • You can't be biased against one gender? That's news to me.

  • Is that were you are making your stand?
    To be young and dumb...

  • You do realize that 99 percent of women don't want to show their boobs off in public right?

    • And most men don't wanna be shirtless in public too.

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    • Exactly this. Nobody would really do it, but why not have that freedom?

    • I'm fine with women being able to do it, I just don't see all the big deal about this when hardly any woman wants this.

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  • #FuckYourFreeTheNipples #FuckYourFakeFirstWorldSpoiledGirlIssues #NotEvenARealIssue #ScrewYourFakeFeminism

    Women in the U. S: We women are so oppressed because we can't go out shirtless, and show are nipples for the world to see even though we have nude beaches, and can travel else where to a place where it's legal to have our tits out and about.

    Women in the Middle East: We women are oppressed because in our countries we don't have basic human rights, and some of us have even been forced to be child brides. We're abused, we can't get a proper education, it's legal for us to be physically/sexually abused, mentally abused, and emotionally abused, and a lot us can't even show our faces let alone are boobs without being harmed physically. Many of us are not allowed go anywhere without a male chaperone depending on your region.

    Now tell me where do you think feminism is really needed? I swear this #FreeTheNipple thing is the dumbest thing to come to this planet since the Sharknado movies on SyFy.

    • I never said anything about feminism here, but it's really nice of you to try and change the topic.

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    • It didn't have to be said it was implied.

    • @Red7336 actually I find your comments more amusing. They might have dropped my IQ.

  • It's not about being sexist
    It's about men being different from women.
    A woman's breast is a sexual desire for men.
    A mans breast is not a sexual desire for women. (Yes women like men's nips) but it's not known for sexual desire.
    Rarely would you catch a woman say
    "I'm getting wet just looking at his nipples"
    But real quick you'll hear a guy say "damn look at those tits"
    And honestly, women can't get no damn respect around here because there's too many girls exposing their asses and tits enough, now you want to expose nipples? Come on! You need some concealing.
    Don't take it personal.
    It's uncomfortable to see a woman's breast out, it's not uncomfortable to see a mans nipple. Men have pecks and nipples while women have breast and nipples.
    Totally different.
    I swear, today's society is crazy, what's next? Free the vagina?

    • THANK YOU !!!

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    • And has a bad temper

    • @Roxanne93 I'm NOT in Africa. I'm in the United States, just like you are. Again, we are a country full of prudes. I've done research on cross culture comparisons and we treat sex more taboo than any other country.

      @Red7336 Which country in African? I was primarily talking about the under-developed countries, NOT the higher class countries such as South African, Egypt, and so on. I could also say the same for Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Greenland and virtually every country except Asian countries and the United States.

  • Why not allowing everyone to just go naked if they want to? Not that everyone would do that, but it's nice to have that freedom.

    • That's freedom is given to you in your own house

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    • People teach their sons not to rape and all of that all the time, but it still happens anyway.

    • Wouldn't you be afraid to sit on any public chair/bench knowing someones exposed anus was sitting on it and a lot of people aren't the best at wiping properly after going to the bathroom...

  • 1|1
  • I support women's right to go topless. But I like bras and feel uncomfortable without one. The jiggling hurts.

  • No, bras are for females.

  • I think there are bigger issues in this world that need to be taken care of before free the nipple.
    Personally, I would never go around topless.

    • Yeah, I agree with everything you said. I wouldn't go airing told either. But I think women should be allowed to do it if they want to.

  • I want my boobs out.

  • I never thought about it that way. I don't completely agree with it, but that's mostly since I'm not comfortable with it. Yet at the same time I think that people should do it if it makes them happy.

  • I free the nipple however if I had to give up free the nipple to never see man boobs again I'm totally up for that !

  • i dont support that crap because i believe in dignity and self respect... disgusting

    and that is the dumbest thing i've seen
    female nipples are different from male nipples and we dont see their breasts the same way they see ours

    now stop with this

    • We don't see them the same way because?

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    • @asker

      that's like saying let's hide every obese person because some people are disgusted by it...

      you know what... go free your nipples in a strip club or a porn video
      i'm not wasting anymore time on this stupidity

    • You're the one who said that. Not me.

  • I actually think guys with man boobs should wear bras it would do them wonders...


    • Yeah lol. That would make sense

    • they don't need bras. That man needs to workout o. O

    • Plenty of women have smaller breasts than his, if he's required to cover them then I don't see why they should be. And anyway his are repulsive, yet he can have them out on display. Whereas women with aesthetically pleasing breasts are required to cover them. How can people not see that as ridiculous.