Why am I bad at Math all of a sudden?

The mission was algebra and trig. Then fucking teacher gets on the email, says that I have to do Math. It's Math summerwork. I couldn't finish any word problems. But right fucking then I should have known... right then and there. I should have known right then and there. Like, what the fuck is wrong with me! What the fuck!


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  • U know why ur sux at math? That juz reminds meh of who i am back than. The problem is ur not paying enough attention or focus hard on it and rehearse the problem or u didn't understand most if the things being said to u. Thats why ask for help and clarification 👌🏼
    Everyone is capable of learning the same thing. If sumone can do it, so can u 💪🏾

    • If you don't mind me asking, are you Asian? Don't take offense to this because I'm Asian too.

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    • Yee gotta keep up with the studying mang.. personally i can't do dat cuz i have too many things i wanna do so ill leave all the math wizards to u. I will juz remain as the math retard 👌🏼

    • As long as you know your basics like multiplication, you'll be fine.

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  • guess u just found those xercises dificult... so that's y u THOUGHT u became bad i believe

    • I redid exercises from a year ago; I did them fine back then though.

    • So i guess maybe there might've been sth a while ago dat made u hate 'em

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