How much nitrous to make you retarded?

If left on you, how long do you think it would take nitrous oxide to make you brain damaged enough to be mentally retarded? I can't seem to find a solid answer online and I read a story about it happening to this guy because the doctor left it on too long without enough oxygen mixed with it.


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  • Well that will do it, if it's just pure nitrogen it would be in a matter of minutes and you'll die usually more likely than being retarded in probably 10 but it may be hard to tell exactly the time frame , your heart will stop soon because of no oxygen too

    • Ok so I never want the laughing gas. lol (no pun intended)

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    • I watched it a few times but it never really caught my interest. What happens when they show you more than 1,001 ways to die? Will the show end? lol

    • Yeah , lol maybe that's why I don't see it on TV anymore 😊

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