Do you think the EU will collapse pretty soon because of what's happening in Greece Spain Italy economically?

  • The eu will fall apart.
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  • The eu will not fall apart.
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  • Not e. u.'s fault. Those countries are highly unorganised and don't have manpower to manage their systems effectively...

    • You're right, but Italy is still a lovely country where people often take aperitivo.

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    • I think the Italian economy is pretty diversified with tourism, automobiles, and oil.

    • You're right, but Italians are like 'I want to live, carpe diem', so they don't care a lot about organisation. It's wrong - I know - because Italy could be really potent.
      Maybe things will be better because the most Italian industry will be bought by Chinese people and as many know the Chinese turn everything into gold.

What Guys Said 1

  • No, If it got that bad, The Economic powers of Europe (France, Britain and Germany) would probably just go on their own and leave the other countries to collapse.
    There is no need everyone must suffer, Because the greek people are lazy and expect the rest of Europe to pay for the luxuries.
    You know the Greek people are in outrage because they refuse the retirement age to be raised as its at 40 right now... Fucking 40 !.
    They are a society of lazy people who expect too much.

    • You do realize that it's not 40 but 58, right? That 40 figure is Western propaganda, anecdote.

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    • Ok maybe it is so, I wouldn't really know. I don't care about the Greeks, they're dragging the rest of us continentals down with them. Latvia doesn't have the best economy but at least we're not fucking self entitled and we abide by the rules.

    • Mhmm, Exactly!. at least you guys pay your taxes and don't demand too much. Meanwhile greeks pay no tax, Retire at quite frankly fucking retarded ages, and get ABSURD government handouts and bennefits for doing fuck all, And expect us Europeans to pick up the tab for their lazy fucking asses. Its a joke.
      And even now, as their country is on the brink of collapse and the possibility of mass homelessness and starvation a very real possibility, they STILL DEMAND all these luxuries.
      Fucking idiots. They expect the world to pay their way for them, Honestly, I hope they collapse, Maybe only then will those lazy fucks learn their lesson.