Why do black people love Phil Colons but hate Billie Joel?

I use to work with a bunch of black people and they gave me shit for listening to Billie Joel (I love his music). So I asked if they like Phil Collins (which I'd say are about the same). They love Phil Colons "in the so tonight" they love the shit out if it. Even Mike Tyson jammed out to it in The Hang Over 2.
jusy recently I started work at a new kitchen and I was listening to "piano man" by Billie Joel and my two black co-workers were calling me gay/fag/queer for likening Billie Joel (which makes no sense). I let them put in rap so they'd shut up and then Phil Colins "in the air tonight" came on and you'd think it was the greatest son ever they sang along like it was kareoke night.

most people of race I ask don listen to Genesis or anything else really but think Phil Colin's is the shit because of that one song. While Billie Joel is gay?

I did a test right now, I put in Genisis (Phil Colin's) "it's all the same" me and my 40 year old black co worker jamme out to it singing along and shit. Then I put on Billie Joel "keeping the faith" and he didn't even say a word just walked away.


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  • I like Billie Joel just fine so, your myth is debunked. I will however try to give some insight since I did grow up African American.
    Maybe it's because Phil Collins has the more "soulful" voice therefore, it reminds them of soul music which originated from African American culture. Billie Joel and Phil Collins have very different voices.
    There's also a lot of homophobia specifically in the black community. For example, if a male rapper is outed as a homosexual it can ruin his career.
    As far as stereotypes go, yes there are black people who love Billie Joel but, I hope that can give some insight on their reasoning maybe. It makes more sense just to say "I don't like this" rather than "Ew, that's gay".

    • First of, you love Billie Joel, marry me?

      Yeah they said that Phil Colin's has "soul" but maybe being white I consider Billie Joel sort of like "white" soul. But yeah they said it wa gay music and est... :(

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    • Lol I read that first part of your comment I was in the galley of an oil platform and blushed. The guys around me just laughed "must be a girl"... being surrounded by 50 guys for weeks on end guess gave me that effect when a girl writes something like that. ;)

    • Aww, I made you blush! haha Also, thank you for MHO sir!

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  • Because all black people everywhere are exactly the same in every way. Sorta like women!

    • Just gotta plug into the hive mind, right?

    • I don't know all the black people I know have been like that.

  • Uh... Ok. He's not a large intestine so it's "Collins".


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  • Never heard that theory will keep an eye on answers.

  • I have no idea, but I do know that Phil Collins tracks have been sampled by some rappers. Could it be that?

    • Well I was working with an older black lady well like 45 and she said back in the day (80s?) they would listen to Phil Collins all the time that he can sing and has soul. But Billie Joel was around the same time and I think he is just as good (my opinion better) but every time I bring him up they say piano man sucks or say his lame. I think maybe... Billie Joel more of a Caucasian sort of sound his music is more light playful about girls and good old days. While Phil is more well deeper and some what sadder but pop rock at the same time. I'm not sure

  • lol what? I don't know who these guys are..

    • They aren't active artist anymore but have huge social relive nice in pop culture

    • In The hang over 2 Mike Tyson is jamming out to Phil Collins. In step brothers one of the party guest gets into a fight with a Billie Joel cover band. Just pop culture icons. More contemporary adult rock