My dad's girlfriend I dont want to meet?

it was my dad's birthday and once again, he pushed x me into trying to meet his 'amazing' girlfriend when i've said i'm not ready. He's making me feel guilty with it and, i feel powerless. I've tried telling him i dont want to but he's like no. . I'm just not able to register the fact my dad has moved on.. while my mum, my hero, is here all alone. I'm not over it and i wish i ifukk ing was, it's hard, yeah. His side of the family didn't want anything to do with me till i was old enough to have a conversation, they if uking hate children. I get pushed into things i don't want to do because i'm too soft, and that annoys me about myself. I'll meet her one day, but i'm not doing it for him, he broke my mum. His girlfriend, She knows my name, she's obsessed with me. Wanting to meet.


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  • That is tough for you - Maybe meeting her will help you move on from your parents split - It is a good sign she wants to meet you.


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  • As someone who's parents have been divorced for 14 years, the more you dwell on it the harder it is going to be on you. If you need therapy to do this than do it but you need to figure out how to get over it because in the back of your head whether you acknowledge it or not you have this little hope that they still have a chance and the likelihood is that they don't. The sooner you realize this, the easier it will be. Don't you want to see your father happy? I would have. if this woman gives him that happiness you should be happy for him. Going to meet her is the first step in moving on. You need to stop worrying about your mother because your worry won't make her pain go away. Be there if she needs a hug or whatever but she isn't your responsibility. People move on at different times... You don't know how long ago your father actually stopped loving your mother so maybe he has been moving on longer than you realize. Shit happens but not letting change happen will just make the change harder than it needs to be.

    • i'll meet her eventually i'm just not ready and he has to accept that. His side of the family never wanted to be involved with me as a baby, and a child. My 'step grandma' hates children with a passion. I've lived my full childhood without them, and in a way i'm glad. I've had my mum's side with me the full length of me growing into an adult, and i'm so happy. All i've ever wanted is both parents with me, doing stuff together.. didn't last very long did it.

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  • My parents seperated so I understand the situation. You have two options just try and get along with her and see how it goes, or just tell him no and don't let him guilt you, he is your dad and he is supposed to make sure you come first and your opinions matter and if you're not ready, he should accept that