Just curious - what's your preferred method of making coffee?

I perc mine. No other way. I understand people think this is blasphemous and I think it's hilarious. How do you make and take yours?

Well I usually put a spoonful in the hot milk that I drink before I go to bed, so I don't know why I never thought to put it in my coffee lol. Oversight I suppose. It was sweeter than white sugar and gave like... I don't know... depth, in a way.


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  • Well I had an actual manual coffee machine where you grind coffee beans and make the coffee and whip up the milk. Unfortunately that broke and I didn't want to spend $3000 on a brand new one.

    I brought a capsule one machine one, where you pop a capsule in the machine and it disperses the coffee out. And you have to make the milk separately (which i hate, but it does what it's suppose to be doing)

    I still buy a cup of coffee from a cafe every morning. Nothing beats a proper coffee in the morning from a cafe.

    I have a cappuccino, with one teaspoon of brown sugar and milk. Other wise I substitute the sugar for hazelnut syrup.

    • Interesting. The brown sugar is more what, subtly sweet or something?

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    • Np. I tried the brown sugar - it was good. This was actually a helpful opinion.

    • You did! Did it taste a bit more sweeter? I just like it for the healthy option :) but I'm glad you liked it to! And thank you

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  • "How do you make..."

    French press.

    "... and take yours"

    Depends on what I'm having it with. If I'm eating something sweet, I prefer just cream. If I'm only having coffee, I like both cream and sugar (and many other additions on occasion).

    • I tried french press for a while but it just doesn't stay hot enough for a second cup. The first cup was very very good though. I think I'd only use it for the expensive beans.

  • I like French press.

    • Yeah. It's good but I like multiple cups and I like my coffee hot. French press loses heat too quickly for me, plus clean up is a hassle.

  • I brew it.

  • As of 2 years ago i dont usually make my own coffee. A friend of mine makes this awesome cuban coffee and almost every monring he brings me a cup :P

    • By the upvote, I really mean downvote because I would love for people to bring me coffee.

    • Haha i know im lucky lol :P