My friend really wants to major in engineering but is not doing well in his pre-college classes-should he still do engineering?

Is this a good idea to continue with engineering as a major if he's not doing well in these prep classes? He's been doing the tutorials and stuff but he's not doing well in engineering and math class and is doing best in writing. What should he do, will he get better with time and practice and should he just go for it?


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  • most engineers can't write good so probably not


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  • If he thinks it is too hard, he should switch programs. My friend told me he knew a lot of people who got 99% in math in high school and then they go to waterloo to study engineering and get 40's despite studying to 3:00 or 5:00 a. m. every week. Some people aren't cut out for it and that is fine - study something less stressful and easier to manage.

    • Thank you! I've been suggesting this to him now but he's pretty adamant about it which worries me... he seems to really want to do it yet despite lots of tutoring he is still struggling and it seems to be stressing him out :/

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  • His writing class is probably a 100 level prerequisite that everyone needs to take so it shouldn't be hard for *anyone*. If I were him, I would find a tutor and have a serious talk with my instructors about how to improve.

    • the problem is he has from what i understand, my question is that if he really wants to do it but is not doing well so far is it worth it to continue or risky? thanks for the advice also :)

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    • he's taking pre-college classes so they are summer classes in prep for actual college

    • Huh. If he's unsure at ALL he should go to community college for a year. Then if he decides to change his mind he's only spent like $4,000 instead of $20,000. I personally don't think you can really judge what a course will be like without actually doing it.

  • Engineering only gets harder as you go along. I wouldn't advise it.

    • ok, thanks for the response. what would be some majors that are easy and would be better for him based on him liking engineering?

    • Pure science based on interest for university but engineering technology at college is an idea.

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