Why do I feel lonely all the time?

Feel like nothing matters dont feel like talking eating or doing anything really it sucks feel like its a lot of work getting oit of bed


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  • Sounds pretty much like you are depressed.

    • Ya it sucks I got nobody to talk to I kinda have to just deal with it

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    • Don't make enough $ at my job to see a therapist I don't even make enough to pay my rent I have to do side jobs for my bills

    • Then start off small. Do you have anyone you can talk to that you trust, a close friend or family member? Also get enough sleep, eat well and exercise. There are free help to get online such as making a phone call just google it, they might be able to lead you into the right direction. You're not supposed to walk around feeling this way.

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  • That will be Depression matey, I know how ya feel, Fucking sucks.

    You just feel like every single day is just a shitty and futile repeat of the day before it right :(. Just be careful, If you keep that mentality for too long you might end up like me and be getting close to the verge of suicidal tendencies.

    I wish i could help you out matey, but im the same boat myself, so, i'll just wish you luck buddy!.


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  • it happens to everybody... dont worry... just a phase i... give yourself time... you will be fine... just dont let it kill you... seek help...


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