80s music poll: Favorite album by Howard Jones/S’Express/London Boys/Bomb The Bass?

Howard Jones was one of da most popular solo-artists back then, releasing a bunch of albums…and his first 2 albums were really awesome imo!

Da other 3 bands were late 80s electronica/house/dance music…all of their albums were pretty good of course :D

  • Human's Lib (Howard Jones)
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  • Dream Into Action (Howad Jones)
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  • One To One (Howard Jones)
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  • Cross That Line (Howard Jones)
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  • Original Soundtrack (S'Express)
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  • The Twelve Commandments of Dance (London Boys)
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  • Into The Dragon (Bomb The Bass)
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  • Always have a good youtube session with your 80s questions - Yes Howard Jones was good but not my style - At the time I wasn't that much into the early dance scene - Dance music is something I liked later in life as it got more ravey - On the grounds Howard isn't my style, I recognise S'express and London Boys from a google search picking S'express because that type of music was the backdrop of many bar extension parties in university.

    • thought u'd knew many of 'em actually :p

      and i'd no characterize HJ as dance... he was more synth-poppish... actually synth-pop wasn't so danceable as other electronic-related genres from dat era like italo-disco

    • Bad phrasing on my part I meant others were dance not HJ

    • Thanks for MHO

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