Do Muslims in countries like Iraq and Palestine have a right to Hate America?

Not that they do but if they were to can you really blame them?

I mean imagine having your entire family and loved ones gunned down, your village blown up and your country destroyed because some guy in a suit wanted some extra oil.

I don't blame them, would you?

By america I mean its Government!


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  • America is full of whores, liars, pedophiles, prostitutes, hypocrites, blasphemers, perverts and racists. It is perfectly normal to hate americans.


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  • Hate America as a country? nope
    hate the people of America? nope
    hate the American government? Yes


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  • Well Americans bang on and on about Freedom of speech. Unfortulntly a lot seem to use as am licence to be offensive. So they can't really complain if people state that they hate America.

    Just for the record I like America. Sure it has a lot of twats but so does every country. Most Americans are good people. Same applies for Muslims too.


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  • I'm Palestinian and Muslim:

    Do I have the right to hate America as a country? No, I don't.
    Do I have the right to hate the American ordinary people? No, I don't. Some of them are very nice, some of them are assholes, some of them are very intelligent and some of them are very stupid, but yeah, that applies to every single country, so it's not logical to hate someone just because they are American ( or any ethnicity for that matter)
    Do I have the right to hate the American government? Yes because:

    A. They are supporting the Zionist entity aka "Israel" with money and weapons so they can attack Gaza and military control the West Bank

    B. They invaded Iraq for oil and they killed more than 1.5 million civilians.

    And I have been told by many Americans that they do hate their government and its politics. So I'm not the only one, and to be honest with you, I dislike all governments.

  • Everyone has the right to hate everyone...

    Could people in those Countries hate people in Britain and America for invading them for oil? Sure...
    Do i being British give a shit? No... not really...
    Does that make me a cunt? Almost absolutely...
    Eh, I couldnt give a fuck, I even want to join the army in a couple years so ill be the one invading and stealing oil... again, i couldnt give a shit. We all die one day anyway right.. so who gives a fuck what happens.
    Our specie is a case of Survival of the fittest. Our countries need oil, Without it we will collapse, And what do you do when you need Oil? you rob the Oil bank in the middeleast to help your people.
    I'm sure if Iraq had a multi Billion dollar army like the western nations, And they ran out of... I don't know, Uranium, And America had an absolute massive stock of Uranium, you can fucking gurantee Iraq would invade the US.
    Its not like the US/Uk do this shit for fun, they do it for the survival of their people.

    • The governments don't give a damn about the people. They just want to be ontop. If you look at Britain's history, they've invaded and colonised hundreds of countries.

      Yes we all die but we can choose what we die for. You can choose to die for what's right or for what's wrong.
      I have a lot of respect for soldiers who gave their lives for their countries like in the trenches. But going over to someone else's and killing them is not protecting your own.

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    • Well we don't know that do we? I guess it's just the spoils of war! And mentalities like yours!

    • Uhm... Yeah... we do know that actually... its one of the most well documented bombing raids in history... And spoils of war? There were no spoils of war. You know after America essentially destroyed Japan, they spent the next several decades pouring in BILLIONS of dollars to rebuild Japan and German and 'Westernize' them.
      There were no War spoils, Only war debts. at least with this war today there actually are war spoils in the form of priceless oil reserves that the west needs to function, without which the major economic global powers would collapse, and we would plunge into another global economic crisis.

      Again, Its all about rationalizing suffering here, Whats worse, A few hundred thousand civilians dying in the Desert, Or hundreds of millions dying of starvation around the world due to economic collapse?

      Mentalities like myn are the only reason you and i have fucking electricity right now...

  • Read the numbers and facts I mentioned in my answer to this question: and you might understand why Iraqi people hate America and its allies.

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  • İm not from iraq or palestine but i am muslim and i think america is killing innocent people for goddamn oil. you know what as a muslim person i dont like america but i dont hate america too. But i hate israel

  • lmfao its kinda funny when people dont even understand the BS stories. HOw much oil does america get from palestine.

    • I meant Iraq.

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    • Just compare how much oil the U. S. got from Iraq before the Kuwait war to how much they get now. If they did it for more oil it sure didn't work very well.

    • hey! stop that you can't use facts! BIG OIL! lmfao

  • "some guy in a suit wanted some extra oil"

    It's not as simple as that. As far as a right to hate, I'm not sure I understand that. Do you mean is it understandable they would want American military and economic power broken? Sure, if they could be certain things would be better for that but they can't really. As bad as it is having American hegemony there are many worse alternatives.

    • Why did America invade Iraq then? I'm sorry *liberate*.

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    • No, I'm not saying multiple factors can't have an effect. And when you're talking about war of course there's multiple factors to take into account.
      But there's also right and wrong.

    • But right and wrong only have meaning within a particular arbitrary moral code of conduct. For example if Europeans declare war on Native Americans to take their land that is wrong by the usual rules of conduct between European nations. You're not supposed to just declare war because you want stuff someone else has, you must have a cause. Fortunately one could usually be found with a little effort. From the native Americans moral viewpoint there might be nothing wrong with attacking a weaker neighbor, taking all their land and exterminating them. It's their tough luck for being weak. On the other hand attacking someone you had sworn 'eternal friendship' with to the natives would be an appalling moral breach, where to the Europeans the words were never expected to have any real meaning, they are just a form of speech.